5 Weeks Pregnant - Symptoms, Baby Development, Tips And Body Changes

5th Week Pregnancy

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The lowdown on symptoms, baby development, tips, body changes

Are you pregnant or are you not? If that’s the question that has been troubling you since long, it will be put to rest finally. You are now nearing the time of revelation of the great news. In some cases, the women may have discovered about their pregnancy before the 5th week whereas some may have to wait for another week or two.

5 Weeks Pregnant:

Knowing you are both going to be parents can be exhilarating, scary and inexplicable to both you and your partner at the same time. The first thing you need to do in the 5th week is to confirm your pregnancy. Most women decide they are pregnant if their period is more than a week late. However, this may be an unreliable method in modern times, especially if your periods have not been regular in past few months.

Want to know how to confirm your 5th week of pregnancy? Here is your answer.The most convenient way is to take a pregnancy test at home. You may find pregnancy kits are easily available at the every local drugstore; in addition, they are easy to understand and use. There are different types of pregnancy kits available in market which varies in shapes, sizes and colour as well. You can choose from the range of test strips, midstream tests and digital tests.

How To Use A Pregnancy Kit:

All pregnancy kits come with their own step by step instructions for you. Typically, you have to test your urine through the pregnancy test kit and wait for a few minutes for the results. If you test either positive or negative, it is always wise to have another back-up test to double check, before you let your emotions take over you. There are some confusing terms involved with these tests, which you must understand before making any conclusions.

False Positives And False Negatives!

Some home pregnancy kits depend on the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin hormone (hCG) in the urine to detect your pregnancy. The hCG levels do rise steeply after conception, but they take time to reach a level where they can be detected by a urine test. Consequently, even if you have conceived but are quite early in the pregnancy, the result may come out as false negative.

The chances of false-positive result are less compared to false-negative results. False-positive results is, when the pregnancy kit tells you’re pregnant when in reality you are not. This false message is given out when there is either blood or protein present in your urine. Medications taken for controlling convulsions, tranquilizers and hypnotics may also be responsible for showing up false positive results on your pregnancy kit; so if you’re under any of these, it’s always wise to double-check.

Causes Of Failure In Home Pregnancy Tests:

False pregnancy results can happen when you if you:

  • Are on medications
  • Take test too early into the pregnancy
  • Could not understand or follow the instructions given on the pregnancy test kit in a proper way
  • Used a pregnancy test kit that had been on shelf beyond expiry date
  • Collected urine following large amount of fluid intake

Hence, no pregnancy kit is infallible; it is therefore, recommended that you don’t depend on the results given out by your pregnancy kit entirely. Confirm with your gynecologist for further clarification. Finally, do not rush to tell the world you are pregnant this early. Take your time and let things settle down before you let others know.

Clinical Pregnancy Test:

As you cannot completely rely on a home pregnancy test, you’ll have to eventually go to a clinic to confirm your pregnancy. Along with a urine test, the healthcare professional will also have your blood tested for pregnancy. These tests will get you a confirmed answer to your question, whether you are pregnant or not for sure.

In the clinic, you’ll be taking other tests, as prescribed by your physician. A quantitative test will be done to measure the levels of hormones present in your blood which will give you a clue regarding any abnormality present in your pregnancy. Being informed about what to expect will help a lot in early pregnancy.

Choosing a Hospital:

This is another important step you should take once you know you are pregnant. In fact, it would be great if you decide on a good maternity hospital beforehand and have your pregnancy test done there.

One of the best things you can do for yourself and your baby would be to stick with one hospital, so that they can maintain your record and keep track of changes taking place in you and your baby. Do not hesitate to ask questions and collect information about the hospital you choose. Being familiar with the hospital will make you feel comfortable when you go there for your final D day show.

Your gynecologist/obstetrician is going to be hand-hold you in the journey of pregnancy. He/she is also responsible for guiding you, helping you cope with the changes and detect any abnormalities in the baby or pregnancy. They will guide you about antenatal care and also give you advice about the lifestyle you should follow and nutrition you require for next few months/years. Considering the important role she/he has to play in the course of events unfolding in front of you, make your choice wisely!

Signs and Symptoms: Changes in your Body During 5th Week of Pregnancy:

The first inevitable change you see in your body would be the missing of your menstrual period. The outer signs of pregnancy can be seen only when the bump appears, which is quite far away for now. But there are some early pregnancy signs that may appear in your 5th week itself.

  • The most obvious and inevitable missing of your period
  • Mood swings resulting from changes in hormone levels in your body
  • You will feel the urge to urinate often, though the outcome could be scanty
  • You may experience nausea and morning sickness though it will not be severe
  • Your breasts may feel tender and sore
  • Extreme fatigue which prevents you from carrying out your regular day to day work
  • Excessive saliva keeping your mouth wet
  • Cravings for specific foods, as well as sudden aversions to some

Is the list scaring you away? Don’t worry, all these mentioned 5th week pregnancy symptoms and some more are going to appear during your pregnancy, but handling them will be easy. Giving birth to a new human being is not going to be a piece of cake, but then, the result will be worth every effort.

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Changes In The Baby:

The baby, now called an embryo, is growing inside your warm and protective womb. At this stage, it looks like a tadpole, sporting a tail as well.

Though your baby is growing at a rapid pace, all it has managed is to reach is 0.118 inches in length. In the early stages of pregnancy, the measurement of the baby is taken from the crown of her head to the bottom of her rear end which is known as CRL measurement.

By the end of 5th week pregnancy, your baby may be size of an orange seed and measure anywhere between 1-5 mm in length.

Care and Tips:

No matter how healthy your lifestyle has been so far, you may have to make certain changes during your pregnancy. A dramatic albeit hidden change is taking place within you. Everything you do now will leave a lasting impression on your life. Here are some tips that would help you when you are 5 weeks pregnant.

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1. Manage And Maintain A Good Exercise Routine:

If you have been a couch potato for long, now’s the time to start exercising. You need to be extra fit and strong to endure pregnancy and childbirth. If you’re healthy, the baby growing inside you will be too! Exercise will also help you get back into shape easily after child birth.

Don’t Overdo Anything. If you have been exercising heavily, then this is the time to tone it down. Consult your doctor to know what exercises are safe and good for you and your baby.

2. Say No To Alcohol:

There is no evidence to prove what amount of alcohol consumption is safe for your baby. Hence, in the best interest of your baby, it will be great if you can avoid consumption of alcohol as far as possible.

3. Do Not Literally Eat For Two People:

Though there is another life growing inside you, it is just a small embryo and does not require a full meal. Don’t fall prey to the many pregnancy myths you may come across- stick to the basics. Many women tend to eat for two which may lead to weight gain. It is not the quantity but quality of food that is important at this stage.

4. Get Fresh Every Day:

You will already be given folic acid and vitamin D supplements by your doctor, but you need to add oranges, red peppers, kiwi fruit and berries to your diet to get enough amount of vitamin C. The growing cells of your baby will require extra nourishment; hence you need to consume more supplements.

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5. Avoid Sea Fare:

Though seafood is very healthy, avoid eating raw or under cooked sea food during your pregnancy. If the seafood is not properly cooked, it may carry parasites like tapeworm which can make you sick; moreover, it will drain your body of the essential nutrients needed for the baby’s growth. Pregnancy is not the right time for enjoying sushi!

Hope you liked our post. Please do share your feelings you have experienced when you are 5 weeks pregnant. Get in touch with your closed ones to find out what’s normal and what’s not.

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