6 Adorable Hairstyles For Toddler Girls


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One of the biggest joys of having a baby girl is to experiment with haircuts! When your little one is born with a bald head, you can’t wait for her hair to grow. By the time toddlerhood approaches, most mothers are ready to try different hairstyles.

Whether it is the first haircut or the tenth, the fun is always in trying something new! If you are looking for haircuts for your little girl, we have just the list of hairstyles for toddler girls for you.


Before you decide on the exact haircut, you need to prepare for the actual cut. Many toddlers hate haircuts. Most just dislike it because they hate sitting still. But for others, it may be an indication of an underlying problem.

If your toddler is hysterical while getting her hair cut and dislikes getting her nails trimmed and hair washed, she might have Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) (1) . If your baby does have SPD, you’ll need more preparation. But if your toddler shows no other symptoms, you can go ahead and book an appointment with a baby salon. If you can’t find a baby salon, try finding a salon that is baby friendly.

Get your toddler ready for the big day. Make a big deal out of it. This should get her excited about her haircut! And be ready with the haircut you want. Don’t leave it on the hairdresser. Tell her exactly the look you are seeking.

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6 Best And Easy Toddler Girl Haircuts:

If you are confused about the right hairstyle for your toddler, take a pick of the cute toddler girl hairstyles listed here!

1. Pixie Cut:

Pixie Cut

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Short and sweet, that’s the pixie cut for you! Just like the awesome Natalie Portman, the pixie cut is perfect for moms who like to keep things simple. The pixie has a number of variants too! So, choose one you like the most.

2. Bob:


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The ever-popular bob cut is something you can try too. This is one haircut that works on any hair. If you like girlie things just use clips, hairbands, or barrettes.

3. The Shag:

The Shag

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If your toddler has frizzy or curly hair, this is the haircut for her. The tapered layers look great even when hair starts growing out. This haircut will go well with all face shapes.

4. Keep It Long:

Keep It Long

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If you are into Disney princess, you may be tempted to keep your little one’s hair long. It takes some work to manage long hair, but the results are adorable! You can play around with different hairstyles and accessories.

Gender Neutral Haircuts:

If you are a new age mom, and believe in keeping things gender neutral, we have some haircuts for you too!

5. Buzz Cut:

A popular haircut among little boys, the buzz cut is great for toddler girls too. Quick, simple, and cost-effective – the buzz cut is perfect for moms on the go.

6. Bowl Cut:

The classic cut looks equally cute on boy and girls. Go for it!

These are just a few of the haircuts you can experiment with. And you don’t always need to go to an expensive salon to get a good haircut. You can even cut your little toddler’s hair at home!

DIY – Giving Toddlers a Haircut:

Okay, this can get messy. But giving toddlers a haircut can be super fun too! So, get ready!

Step 1: Transform your home into a salon. Get chairs, towels, barber shears, and TV for distraction. Place some protective gear (newspapers, clothes, etc.) under and around the chair to minimize the mess. Cover your toddler with a towel and you are ready to become a hairstylist for the day!

Step 2: Wet your toddler’s hair. Wet hair is easier to cut. If you can, shampoo your little one’s hair before you begin. It is optional because we know how toddlers hate getting their hair washed!

Step 3: Section the hair to make your task easier.

Step 4: Start from the front. Your toddler has an attention span that lasts a few minutes. You want her quite when you are working on the most visible part of her hair – the front! Keep talking to her, keep her distracted. Hold her head lightly with your hand to keep her still.

Step 5: Don’t take off chunks of hair at time. Start small. This way you can keep mistakes at a minimum.

Step 6: Once you are finished, don’t forget to go gaga over the hairstyle!

Tip: Go through a few online videos to get an idea about giving your toddler haircuts at home.

At a salon or home – a haircut is a big deal for your toddler. So, go for the one that reflects her personality the best. Your little princess deserves the best, after all!

Hope you liked our 5 easy toddler girl haircuts. Which is your favorite toddler girl hairstyle? Do tell us in the comment section below:

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