Is Anal Sex Safe During Pregnancy?

Anal Sex During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a time of emotional upheavals and an insatiable libido. Your hormones are raging, and you are hornier than you would expect to be, even with a bun in the oven. The only course of action is to have sex. But, as you progress through pregnancy, it is not advisable to have vaginal sex. So, the options are limited to stimulation, or if you are the slightly adventurous type: anal sex.

But, is it safe to indulge in anal sex during pregnancy, and can it harm you or your unborn baby? We at Momjunction, are here to help solve your dilemma. Below, we look at the safety of, the side effects and pleasures of anal sex during pregnancy.

Is It Safe To Have Sex During Pregnancy?

Most gynecologists and experts believe that you can safely continue indulging your libido, even while you are pregnant. In fact, there is a rather well-circulated myth that sex can trigger contractions and even quicken the labor process. However, as long as the doctor feels that the pregnancy is normally progressing, and it isn’t deemed high risk, you can safely enjoy vaginal sex until she tells you.

Sometimes, fatigue, hormonal fluctuations, breast tenderness, and nausea might lower your libido and make you feel grossed out at the thought of having sex. Moreover, as your pregnancy progresses and issues like back pain, weight gain, etc. emerge, it reduces your enthusiasm and libido as well. The key line to remember is that as long as your gynecologist hasn’t advised you to avoid sex, you can lead an active sex life even while you are pregnant (1).

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Is Anal Sex Safe During Pregnancy?

If yours is a low-risk or normal pregnancy, you can enjoy an active sex life until your water breaks. However, you need to take extra precautions if you are the adventurous kind, and you want to try anal penetration.

Although, vaginal sex is considered to be extremely safe during pregnancy, the raging hormones, and insatiable libido can push you to try spicier and more exciting options. So, if you are trying anal sex for the first time, you should consider waiting until after your delivery. You are pregnant, so don’t consider trying something new during pregnancy. However, if you have tried anal sex in the past, and you enjoy the experience, you can have anal sex during pregnancy. Ensure that your partner is extra gentle, and stop if you feel any discomfort or pain.

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Risks and Warnings About Anal Sex During Pregnancy:

You have probably read a lot of medical literature and discussed the safety of having sex during pregnancy. However, there are more than a few things that you need to know about anal sex before you decide to indulge yourself during pregnancy (2).So, here are a few risks and warnings about anal sex during pregnancy:

1. Inflammation And Other Related Conditions:

When you are pregnant, there is always a high risk of suffering from hemorrhoids and constipation. There is a good chance that anal sex can complicate such conditions and aggravate the problem. It is because anal sex leads to inflammation in the anus. If you aren’t careful, anal sex may result in bleeding and tearing in the rectum. So, if you face issues like, hemorrhoids or anal pain, it is better to avoid anal sex. This is because anal sex will aggravate and worsen the problem.

2. Hygiene Issues:

Good hygiene is of utmost importance when you are carrying. The anus contains certain bacteria that can cause complications in and harm the vagina. These bacteria are harmful both you and your unborn baby. So, if you indulge in anal sex, you need to ensure that your partner does not enter your vagina after having anal sex. In case, you both wish to indulge in vaginal sex after anal sex, then ensure that your partner cleans himself up with soap and water. If you use condoms, then ensure that he uses a new condom while switching over to having vaginal sex.

3. Contractions:

The orgasm is a heavenly experience, but as pregnancy usually dictates, heavenly experiences and otherwise healthy foods can lead to adverse effects at this time. Similarly, the orgasm is one major issue and concern while having anal sex. If the would-be-mom suffers from contractions after having anal sex, and then it is wise to see your medical practitioner. Apart from this, women who are at a risk of prenatal labor should avoid anal sex. Please note that contradictions and uterine irritability are normal after sex during pregnancy. However, if these do not settle in a short span, it is better to see your gynecologist immediately. Do note that if you are pregnant for about 37 weeks, then prolonged contractions after sex must be discussed with your medical practitioner.

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4. Placenta Strain

If you face issues like a placenta strain (a condition under which placenta covers maximum part of the cervix), and then anal sex is an option you shouldn’t be considering. The strain and the resulting pain in the placenta can lead to bleeding and can endanger the pregnancy.

Having sex while you are pregnant is not at all harmful if your pregnancy is proceeding well. Trying new things will make multiply your joy and make your bond stronger.
Before you try something new, or spice up your sex life is to talk to your partner about it. If you are indulging in anal sex, it is better to use lubrication for comfort and ease. If you haven’t tried anal sex before, it is better to avoid or go slowly with the same. Keep talking to your partner during the process and convey any discomfort immediately. It will ensure that you satisfy your libido and the safety of your baby. The more honest and open you are to each other, the better are the chances of continuing a healthy sex life during pregnancy.

We hope our post helped you decide and answered any questions you may have about anal sex during pregnancy. Share your story with fellow moms here. Leave a comment below.

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