11 Annoying Ways Your Son Can Be Like Your Husband

11 Annoying Ways Your Son Can Be Like Your husband

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Like father, like son! The sons more often than not resemble the fathers in character, traits, and features. Is it inherited or acquired? I guess it’s there in the DNA. When someone says, “your son has taken after your husband,” I silently agree to it with a tinge of disappointment. My son not only inherited my husband’s looks but also got some of his annoying habits.

Sounding familiar? Here are some ways your son can be like your husband, much to your chagrin.

  1. Those light and fan are still running: I would have told him the umpteenth time, “son, you need to put off the light and fan when you walk out of the room.” But, no, dear son doesn’t get that into his head.
  1. Short-lived excitement and interest: He is super excited about getting that new toy, which he wants to fix and play. But he soon grows out of interest and excitement. The boy next door bought a new toy, and that is where the newfound interest is.
  1. Food is waiting: I would have served the food; it’s getting cold and dry, but dear son wants to finish that project and only then eat his food. And it goes even beyond when the food in the mouth is waiting to be chewed while watching TV.
  1. Why waste water by washing hands and feet: Every time he comes home after school or play, and I ask him to wash his hands and feet, pat comes the reply, “but I’ve been using hand sanitizer and was on socks the whole day mom.”
  1. Forgetfulness is bliss: Every day he forgets a pencil at school, water bottle in the bus, and lunch bag somewhere else. And each time comes a standard reply, “I am sorry mom, I forgot.” “How can you be so irresponsible like your dad?” is my standard response.
  1. Leaving the wet towel on the bed: This habit drives me up the wall, but my son is as cool as cucumber, making me feel like a devil on fire.
  1. Walking on the mopped floor: Every time I need to remind my boy not to walk on the wet floor, but alas my voice falls on deaf ears.
  1. Leaving the kitchen in a mess: Now that my son has learnt basic cooking, I mean he can make a plate of noodles and omelette for himself and his brother, the day I let him do that, I prepare myself for a messy kitchen.
  1. The avalanche hiding in the cupboard: I would have neatly folded and kept all his clothes in the wardrobe but it doesn’t stay that way beyond a week. My adorable son wants to wear that dinosaur t-shirt that’s at the end of the pile and off come all the clothes. The next time I open the wardrobe I have to guard myself against the pile falling on me. Same holds good with his book shelf.
  1. Everything but the one I need: When I send him to the store to buy vegetables, milk, or some other item on emergency, he is sure to forget the one thing that I wanted the most. By the way, this is precisely the reason I never send my husband to a supermarket.
  1. Constant nagging: When he wants something, it means he wants it! No matter

how much I try to justify the buy, he will nag me until I buy it, exactly the way my husband nags me about filing the medical bills or other bills so that they can be retrieved easily when required.

Seem to be universal truths, right? How many of them can you connect with? Do share your list with us by commenting below.

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