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Writing is my hobby and my profession. I amaze myself whenever I look back and see that I have already spent 15 solid years writing and editing across newspapers and online media, covering features and business news with equal élan. MomJunction coincided with my motherhood, and as a mother of two, there is a lot to give and take from MJ.

Just think: Who taught our kids to fear failure?

taught our kids to fear failure

“Bhoomi, you can’t do it. You’ll hurt yourself,” I yelled at my daughter as she was trying to ride her bicycle without the support wheels. She looked at me, lost her balance, fell and hurt her knees and palms. “See, I told you,” I said, feeling vindicated. “Amma, but I fell because of you,” she […]

Defending The Undefendable: Can Chemicals Ever Be Good?

Defending The Undefendable

What is chemophobia? Hint: Most of us have it, and the number of people affected by it is only increasing by the day. It manifests in the way we moved from ‘chemicals laden’ products to ‘chemical-free’ products for us and our babies. Got the answer? Yes, you are right. Chemophobia is defined as “irrational or […]

13 Perfect Ways To Love Your Husband

How To Love Your Husband - 13 Perfect Ways

How do you love your husband? Should you follow a given format, should you follow your mother, or should you follow your heart? Love comes naturally to us. We don’t love our man because somebody tells us to love him. You need to get that feeling from inside; you should feel that the man deserves […]

It’s Raining Offers At Shoppers Stop For Kids

It’s Raining Offers At Shopper’s Stop For Kids

It is the school time again. You must have already got the annual academic schedule for your kids? Then you know what celebrations would happen when and what the kid needs to wear for each occasion. Kids ethnic wear for festival celebrations, kids Nehru jacket or tricolor dresses for national festivals, fancy dresses for children’s […]