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writing is my passion and my family is my inspiration. I am a homeopathic physician and mom of two lovely daughters. I love reading, writing, crafting and spending quality time with my kids.

Do Women Really Need A Day To Celebrate?

Do Women Really Need A Day To Celebrate

Here we are again. It is that time of the year, where the world suddenly wakes up to the importance of a woman in their life. Not that they have been in a deep slumber through the year, because they do wake up now and then, make some noises, and then go back to sleep. […]

MamaEarth Baby Care Essentials Kit: Here’s My Review!

MamaEarth Baby Care Essentials Kit

Did you know MamaEarth is the only MadeSafe certified toxin-free baby product brand in Asia? Choosing appropriate body care products for a baby is as important as choosing food for them. At least, I feel so because my baby’s delicate skin simply rejected most of the soaps and lotions. After experimenting with many products which […]