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Must Ways Of Teaching My Son To Respect Women

Must Ways Of Teaching My Son To Respect Women1

Gender stereotypes are far from fading away! They continue to linger on in every corner of our society because of the deep rooted irrational beliefs such as women being expected to take care of the house, being submissive to their husbands, and being docile. These have been ingrained in every individual’s mind for several decades […]

8 Skin Care Essentials Your Baby Needs This Summer

Skin Care Essentials Your Baby Needs

Summers are dreadful. They are really scary especially when you have an infant at home as the heat can have drastic effects on your baby’s body and skin alike if you don’t take special care. To keep his body cool, you need to keep him hydrated through breast milk if he is less than six […]

Why Dogs and Cats Make Babies Healthier

Dogs and Cats Make Babies Healthier

You get love when you give it. Animals are the best example because if we care for them they are loyal to us and our family too. No wonder, babies and toddlers get fascinated by animals as they are as innocent as the animals. However, many parents are apprehensive about having a pet at home […]

9 Crazy Things Couples Do After Knowing They Are Pregnant

After Knowing They Are Pregnant

The moment you know you are pregnant, you have a lengthy to-do list on your agenda. You become health-conscious, buy pregnancy books, and become extra cautious about what you eat, how you walk and even the way you talk! In fact, pregnancy transforms the most sober of couples into the most excited ones, making them […]

5 Reasons Why A Home Pregnancy Test Can Go Wrong

Home Pregnancy Test

Missed periods can mean many things. But the first thing that comes to your mind is pregnancy, if you are sexually active that is. So, if you have missed your period, you would buy a pregnancy kit and check if you are pregnant. I understand the anxiety and curiosity you go through in this phase. […]

11 Obvious Signs Your Husband Wants To Leave You

11 Obvious Signs Your Husband Wants To Leave You

Marriage is a work in progress! Every marriage has a good and a bad phase. But, not all marriages survive the hard times. And the ones that do will last a lifetime. We often take our relationships for granted or are just not interested in mending things. The secret, however, is to spruce it up, […]

9 Undeserving Criticisms Indian Moms Face


“Are you starting work already?” This is probably one of the most common taunts, remarks, criticism, call it what you may, that Indian mothers receive. I am unsure whether it is a stereotype or simply the patriarchy system, Indian moms are supposed to be responsible for their children, in every way. This attitude changes the […]