Articles written by Manickarasi Mathavan

Pediatric Testicular Torsion - All You Need To Know


Did you observe any swelling around your newborn’s scrotum recently? Does your adolescent son complain of severe pain in the scrotum, and does he also suffer from nausea and vomiting? Chances are, that he may be suffering from testicular torsion. Fret not! Read our post and learn all about testicular torsion in children, including the […]

9 Unexpected Symptoms Of Hernia In Babies


Has your baby been diagnosed with a congenital Hernia? Has the doctor suggested surgery, and are you worried about how it will affect your little one’s health? If you nodded along, then reading our post could be a good idea. Hernia (especially inguinal) is a common disorder affecting around 1-3% of full-term babies and 30% […]