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"I believe words have power. They are a powerful tool for a creative soul. Being a 'word addict', I express my thoughts and contribute articles on health, wellness and beauty. Apart from writing, I love listening to gospel music and enjoy observing nature in silence."

6 Tips To Take Care Of Your Baby's Umbilical Cord

6 Tips To Take Care Of Your Baby's Umbilical Cord

Table Of Contents: What Is Umbilical Cord Tips To Take Care Of Umbilical Cord When Does The Umbilical Cord Fall Off How Your Baby’s Umbilical Stump Heals Signs Of Infection When To Call A Doctor What Is Normal Umbilical Cord Bleeding? What Is Umbilical Granuloma? Herbs For Umbilical Cord Care Can You Say Whether Your […]

Dollar Store Pregnancy Test - Do They Really Work?

Dollar Store Pregnancy Test

Mary was confused about her pregnancy. She had to buy many pregnancy kits to check whether she has conceived or not. This was when her OBGYN advised her to use the Dollar Store Pregnancy Tests that are quite affordable. These test kits are accurate and sensitive like any other expensive home kits. So, how reliable […]

Baby Development Month By Month

Baby .Development

From newborn to toddler, it just takes 12 months for your baby to undergo an unbelievable transformation. Babies grow at a rapid pace and every proceeding month brings in new developments. It is obvious that all new parents wonder what to expect next in their baby and how to know if their baby’s development is […]

How To Get Pregnant With Twins?

How To Get Pregnant With Twins

TOC: How To Have Twins General Chances Of Having Twins Factors That Determine The Chances of Having Twins Natural Ways To Conceive Twins Best Sex Positions To Conceive Twins Fertility Treatments To Have Twins Fertility Supplements To Get Pregnant With Twins Fertility Drugs To Conceive Twins Fertility Herbs For Twins Having twins has its advantages. […]

Drinking Coconut Water During Pregnancy: 12 Benefits & 3 Myths

Coconut Water During Pregnancy

Coconut water is an energizing, sweet, and clear isotonic drink which helps your body in replenishing the lost fluids. Also known as Nariyal Pani and Elaneer in India, it is known for its versatility and innumerable nutritional benefits. This begs the question if it is safe during pregnancy? MomJunction tells you if it is. Is […]