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Do Boys Have Periods: 5 Conditions When They Can Bleed

Do Boys Have Periods

Periods or menstruation is a natural biological activity that occurs in every healthy woman. As a mother you will be prepared for it with your prepubescent daughter, but do you need such preparation for boys too? Do boys have periods? MomJunction takes a closer look at this commonly confused phenomenon and examines the real facts. […]

10 Reasons For Baby Arching Back & Effective Ways To Correct It

Baby Arching Back

It is, sometimes, perturbing to see your baby arch. Baby arching his back is, usually, read as a sign of discomfort due to some external or internal reason. More often than not, an arched back is accompanied by crying, turning head or sleeping. This could indicate either a temporary ailment or some serious medical problem. […]

8 Delightful Health Benefits Of Blueberries For Babies

Delightful Health Benefits Of Blueberries For Babies

Nutrition, taste, and easy availability. We look for these three qualities in the foods that we give our children, especially when the baby is just beginning on the solids. Blueberries have them all. They are a great source of vitamins and fiber and are tasty too! Also, they are the most popular berries, next only […]

27 Fascinating Teeth Facts and Information For Children

Fascinating Teeth Facts and Information For Children

Jump To Specific Section: Fun Facts About Teeth Interesting Information About Teeth Ben is all of six months old and has begun teething. In a month’s time, his lower central incisors will erupt from the gum and become the dental pioneers of his mouth. But it will not be before seven years that Ben will […]

How To Identify Ear Infection In Babies And Treat It

baby ear infection

Table Of Contents What Is An Ear Infection? Why Are Babies More Prone To Ear Infections? What Causes Ear Infection? Risk Factors Signs And Symptoms Diagnosis Treatment Tips To Alleviate The Baby’s Earache Prevention Complications Did you know? Ear infections are far more common in infants than adults and are difficult to detect as the […]

How Safe Is Gripe Water For Babies?

Gripe Water To Your Baby

Table Of Contents: What Is Gripe Water? Is Gripe Water Safe? What Are The Uses Of Gripe Water? Gripe Water For Newborns How To Give Gripe Water? When To Give Gripe Water To Your Baby? Can Gripe Water Be Added To Formula Milk? Gripe Water Alternatives Five-year-old Alisa is perfectly healthy. But when she turns […]

Baby Acne: What Causes Them And How You Can Prevent


Table Of Contents: What Is Baby Acne? Types How Long Does It Last? Symptoms Causes When To Rush The Baby To A Doctor? Diagnosis Treatment Home Remedies Prevention Conditions Visually Similar To Baby Acne It is a fine morning, and you are about to feed your little one when you suddenly notice something and stare […]