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Is Miralax Safe For Babies And Toddlers?


What is MiraLAX? Is MiraLAX safe for infants? When can babies have MiraLAX? Can I give MiraLAX to babies without a prescription? What is the dosage of MiraLAX for babies? How to give MiraLAX to a baby? How long does it take MiraLAX to work in babies? Are there side effects of MiraLAX on babies? […]

Polio: What Are Its Symptoms And Do Vaccines Work?

Polio What Are Its Symptoms And Do Vaccines Work

What is polio and what causes it? How does poliovirus transmit? How long can an infected person transmit the disease? What are the symptoms of polio? How to prevent polio in children? How does vaccine help prevent polio? What are the types of polio vaccine? How often should a child get polio vaccine? Is it […]

Baby Born with Teeth: Is This Normal?

Baby Born With Teeth

Table of contents What are natal teeth and how common are they? What are the different types of natal teeth? Why are some infants born with natal teeth? What is the difference between natal and neonatal teeth? Can natal teeth cause problems to the baby? How are natal teeth removed? Do primary teeth replace natal […]

Do Boys Have Periods

Do Boys Have Periods

Periods or menstruation is a natural biological activity that occurs in every healthy woman. As a mother you will be prepared for it with your prepubescent daughter, but do you need such preparation for boys too? Do boys have periods? MomJunction takes a closer look at this commonly confused phenomenon and examines the real facts. […]