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This is your child’s first major milestone and you want to make his day special. Everything about your child turning 1 is going to be significant. On the arrival of the big day, you want to be sure that you have put special thought behind the most important thing – the first birthday cake!!

A cake takes a prominent place in birthday celebrations. It is also a work of art, which is why it is important that you put some effort in choosing the right one for your baby. A good cake will be remembered even years later.

We have put together for you awesome ideas for 1st birthday cakes that you can choose from.

20 Awesome 1st Birthday Cakes For Boys And Girls:

It is very important to choose 1st birthday cake designs & theme before deciding on the cake. The theme directly impacts on the final output of the birthday cake in terms of appearance, color and flavor.

1. Smash Cakes:

1st birthday smash cakes for Little Ones

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Smash cakes are tiny or mid-size cakes made entirely for babies. Your baby can smash this cake, or even dig her face in it if she wishes. These cakes are made usually with all natural ingredients, and soft frosting such as whipped cream or butter cream, which makes it easy for a baby to smash with her little fingers. Expect some rather cute and funny memories with a smash cake.

2. ABC Block Cakes:

This will probably be one of the best 1st birthday cakes for girls. By now, your baby may have a small collection of toys of his own, and this usually includes soft alphabet blocks. Even though your baby is far from reading anything yet, she can recognize similar shapes and has a good memory. The alphabet blocks cake might be a fun way to have your baby squeal in delight looking at her first birthday cake.

3. Castle Cakes:

If you have a baby girl, there is no better way than to celebrate your princess’ first birthday than having a castle themed cake. Based on your personal requirements you can customize the cake to be partly or completely edible.

The castle cake is usually complete with all the little towers and minarets, flowing trellises and a princess figurine to go with it. You can have the minarets in gold to add some dazzle to the cake. All in all, a dreamy first birthday cake for your little princess or even your prince charming.

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4. Tiara Cakes:

Tiara First Birthday Cakes for Girls

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Although your little girl’s head might be a tad undeveloped to hold a tiara, you can have an edible tiara on her cake instead. Edible tiaras are made with gum paste, a material that hardens upon drying giving your tiara a realistic look. Adding metallic silver to the tiara makes it all the more real.

Isomalt can be used to add the finishing touches such as colorful gems and diamonds to adorn the tiara. Use the tiara as a topper for a cake complete with flourishes or drapes to make your girl’s first birthday akin to a royal gala.

5. Mickey/ Minnie Mouse Cakes:

Who doesn’t love the adorable little talking mouse? Have a first birthday theme revolving around Mickey Mouse clubhouse idea and a similar cake to go with it. A red or a pink cake with Mickey Mouse silhouettes cut in black, and pink bows to go with it if it is a Minnie mouse are some great options. The cake is simple to order as well.

6. Ombre Ruffles Cake:

1st Birthday Ombre Ruffles Cake

Image: Shutterstock

Ombre cakes are a rage with kids. They are made of cakes or ruffles which have a darker shade of a particular color at the bottom, which graduates to white as it moves to the top resulting in a striking look. Combine a soft color such as green or pink and make an ombre ruffle cake with a cute teddy bear or any such similar topper to complete it. See your baby vying to grab a piece!

7. Pinwheel Cakes:

Pinwheel 1st Birthday Cake Picture

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Pinwheels remind everyone of their childhood. There would rarely be a person who has not played with fun filled, shimmery pinwheels as a child. Have a white cake with colorful little pinwheels adorning it to complete the pinwheel cake.The yummy colorful taste will make your munchkin happy!

8. Carousel Cakes:

1 Year Old Carousel Birthday Cake

Image: Shutterstock

Another thing that reminds everyone of his or her childhood is a carousel. Colorful tents with toy horses moving around the center, sitting on the horses and feeling the wind play through your hair, waving frantically to your parents – a carousel cake reminds you of that and much more. This cake is made with two cakes, one that forms the base and the other which forms the tent top. Dowels, which are used to support the top layer, are also the support for the edible horses, which adorn the carousel cake.

9. Beehive Cakes:

A beehive cake made in chocolate completed with edible bees buzzing all around it is sure to arouse your child’s amusement. Bits of edible beeswax toppers and honey are drizzled on it make it pseudo-realistic. Add a number topper on the cake to make it a memorable first birthday cake for your little one. A photographer has to be hired to capture the special moment.

10. Number Cakes:

1st Birthday Number Cakes for Little Ones With Candle On it

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Number cakes are always in demand. Fun and easy, you can even make number cakes at home on your own. All you need are a few cakes, which are cut and assembled in a way as to resemble the number 1. Cover them with butter cream frosting, or whipped cream to conceal any imperfections and make it the perfect little homemade cake for your little angel.

11. Teddy Bear Cakes:

Beautiful Teddy Bear First Birthday Cake

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A teddy bear cake made in 3D will jazz up your party décor like nothing else. Layers of cakes are stacked on each other with frosting and a supporting structure is added in the center to keep them from collapsing. The cake is then carved into the required shape and frosted with chocolate butter cream. Little fuzzy hair of butter cream is added to complete the look of the teddy bear. Add a little tie, party hat or bow made in fondant, to jazz up your edible teddy. This is a sure shot winner!

12. Jungle Themed Cakes:

jungle Themed First Birthday Cake Ideas

Image: Shutterstock

Little boys and girls love animals. A fun cake for their first birthday would be to incorporate all their favorite wild animals to make it a jungle themed cake. While you can have 3D animal figurines, a simpler cake would be the one covered in green fondant, and plaques of animals hand cut in fondant adorning the cake all around. Add a few hand painted trees or grass to complete a fantastic little wild animal’s cake.

13. Barn Cakes:

A barn cake is also made out of layers of cake, stacked and covered with red fondant. Chocolate or white fondant is used to make the roof, and the windows. Add a few domestic animals such as a cow or hen around the barn and you have a barn cake to lighten up the occasion for your baby.

14. Photo Cakes:

Here is another great idea. You can have a two or three-tiered cake, and have a collage of all your baby’s pictures from day 1 to the present day in edible print, stuck all around the sides of the tiers in a collage. You could also have a simple cake with the top covered with an edible print of your baby’s picture. Either way, it is a nice way to reminisce your baby’s growing moments on the day he turns one.

15. Photo Toppers:

Some people might be uneasy with the idea of paring a knife into an edible photo print of their baby. A cuter option would be to have regular photo prints attached to a skewer, with party hats, or bows as embellishments and inserted into your cakes. This way you can have your cute cake and eat it too!

16. Gravity Defying Cakes:

Gravity defying cakes or topsy turvy cakes is in vogue right now. They look like they are precariously positioned and about to topple over. However they are made in line with principles of physics and are built in a way that they balance out each other. A fun Topsy-turvy cake idea for a first birthday would be a teapot cake. They will learn the teapot nursery rhyme in a couple of months, and you can show them a visual preview.

17. Doll Cakes:

Barbie Doll Themed 1st Birthday Cake for Girls

Image: Shutterstock

A doll is every girl’s best friend. A doll cake is elegant, charming and cute at the same time. Layers of doll cake are stacked and carved in a bell shape to form the doll’s swaying dress. They are then frosted and covered in fondant to look like a doll’s dress. A real doll is then inserted in the center to complete the look. The doll gets to be the keepsake for the birthday girl.

18. Baby In A Bathtub Cake:

Most babies love their bathtubs. They instantly connect with a bathtub cake. Add your baby’s favorite toys made as edible toppers on the bathtub cake and watch them dive right into the cake with glee.

19. Character Cakes:

1st Birthday Octopus Cake

Image: Shutterstock

If there’s a particular cartoon character that your baby loves character cake is the best choice. Characters like Chota Bheem, Rapunzel, Snow White, Cinderella, Tom & Jerry are hot favorites. Incorporate these characters into your baby’s first birthday cake. Your baby has an amazing memory and will recall everything that is seen on the cake.

20. Cake Pops:

Designed With Pops Cake for First Birthday

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Along with topsy-turvy cakes, cake pops are also the new rage. They consist of tiny balls of cake made with dollops of frosting and frozen for a while. They are then covered in colored chocolate and decorated according to choice. Have a central themed cake as a large lollipop and then surround that with a cake-pop for each kid. Have them in polka dots, stripes; add some eyes and a moustache to it (edible, of course!) if the idea fits.

We hope that you enjoyed our top twenty-first birthday cake ideas. You may also have some ideas of your own for your little charmer’s first birthday cake. Add that little extra thought to it, and make your baby’s first birthday a day to remember for the rest of your lives.

Do share your memorable experiences with us.

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