Top 5 Baby Sleep Problems And Their Solutions

Baby Sleep Problems And Their Solutions

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Imagine this – the baby has just gone off the sleep, you are watching your favorite thriller flick on television and just when they are about to reveal who the killer is, the baby wakes up with a bawl.

Or this – You have rocked your baby to sleep and have started with that awesome mutton Biryani for dinner after having starved half day because you had no time to eat. You just finished eating the rice and about to start sucking on to that bone for the delicious bone-marrow. That is exactly when the baby wakes up crying.

We all have been through this as parents.

Top 5 Baby Sleep Problems:

Getting your baby to sleep through the night can be quite a task. Let’s look at a few baby sleeping problems and how we can try and make them less of a problem.

1. The Rockstar: 

These are babies that just refuse to sleep unless rocked in the arm. Rock them and they are fast asleep, keep them down and they wake you like they never slept. The rockstars need to be skilful on two matters – to sleep without being rocked and to sleep in a place other than the arm. Ha, not too difficult, right? Try to get them master it and you would know.

Patience is the key to deal such important matters. Take one day at a time. Reduce the rocking, try rubbing the baby’s back as you keep her/him away from your arm. It will take time, weeks but eventually the baby will learn to sleep without being rocked.

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2. Sleep out of Home: 

They are their energetic best when at home and in familiar environment. To get them to sleep a nice long drive will do the trick. The motion the movement, get their heads nodding almost immediately. But you always have the fear of waking these babies up when get them out of the car.

One option is that you drive around till the baby finishes its sleep or you plan your drives and outings to coincide with the baby’s nap so that you get in the car when the baby is really sleepy and by the time you are done running your errands the baby has caught up on its sleep in the car.

3. Say No to Sleep Baby: 

The baby in this case will refuse to sleep. This also is a part of growing up and senses getting more active. Try sticking to fixed nap times. Creating a routine helps in programming the baby’s brain to sleep time. After all, babies do need their baby sleep.

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4. Don’t Disturb my Routine: 

Routines are great for baby and disturbing a baby’s sleep routine can totally ruin his sleep. Even when out of home and on a holiday, try and maintain the routine that you follow at home to let the baby gets him much needed sleep. The favourite toy, the blanket, the same music-all make it easy for your baby to sleep. Ensure that you have these basic comfort things that the baby associates with when you go out of home.

5. The Power Nappers: 

These babies believe in power naps. They fall asleep easily. They sleep for around twenty minutes to an hour and then they are up fresh and bouncy as ever. When this occurs, do check that the temperature in the room isn’t too cold or too hot. Another reason why your baby could be taking tiny naps could be that the baby is overtired. Ensure that the baby gets enough rest and sleep to keep him happy and energetic.

With babies, a problem is not really a problem. It can all be solved with time, patience and love. Make bed time fun – give a cuddle, a nice massage, a warm bath, read out a lovely bedtime story, play some soft music, give a kiss and smile as you watch your baby float in his world of dreams.

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