Baby's 8th Month - A Guide To Development And Milestones

Baby's 8th Month

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At 8 months, your baby’s hallmarks are cruising and crawling and you can see your busy little one moving all around the house. She is now excited to explore all possible ways to get a better understanding of the world around her.

Now that she is trying to get into anything and everything, she will have plenty of falls and bumps as she continues to grow. Its time you child proof your home to ensure she is safe.

8 Month Old Baby Developmental Stages:

Now that your baby is 8 months old you can find her attain developmental milestones in different genres. Take a look at what you can expect 8 months baby development:

1. Development Of Motor Skills:

She has a lot more strength than before.

  • She can now pull herself up in a standing position with the help of furniture.
  • Your baby at this age is figuring out how she can match up her senses with her motor skills.
  • She can now spot her favorite toy from a distance. She can crawl to it and pick it up.
  • Your baby can manipulate her toys with ease and bang blocks, toss a ball and so on.
  • Do not panic if your baby has not yet started crawling. May be your little one just need some more time.

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2. Sleep Patterns:

Your baby at this age sleeps for around 14 hours.

  • She will prefer taking 2 naps a day, probably one in the afternoon and another one in the morning. Don’t expect the naps to be more than an hour long.
  • Separation anxieties may get very acute at this age. Don’t worry as it is likely to get better once she is 2 years old. Leave the room even if she is crying, as the cries will generally last for few minutes. You must be consistent in your routine to help yourself and your baby adjust.

3. Eating Habits:

Even at this age you must offer around 24 ounces of breastmilk or formula solution to your baby.

  • Try and incorporate varieties during the meal times and include options like breast milk, cereals, fruits, mashed meat and so on.
  • With increase in intake of solids, reduce the intake of liquids.
  • Sometimes babies seem to grow curious about table foods and refuse to accept bottle feeds. However, you must make an effort to offer her at least 20 ounces of formula or breast milk till she is ready for the cow milk.
  • She has developed her chewing skills to a considerable extent and has developed interest in finger foods.
  • Foods that you should avoid at this stage are raisins, grapes, popcorns, blueberries, raw carrots and hot dog. You must always be by her side during the meal times.

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4. Development of Communication Skills:

She has developed a lot more self-consciousness about herself and a better understanding of her environment.

  • She will now participate in day-to-day routines.
  • She can now slowly establish relation between cause and effect, such as if the napkin is dropped it falls.
  • She is slowly getting aware of her likes and dislikes.
  • She has started babbling at this age and says words like “dadda”, “maama”, “gagas” and so on.
  • Your baby understands simple words like “water”, “milk” and “bye”.

Playtime With Your Little One:

Your 8 months old baby will demand more and more attention from you. Playing interactive games can be a great way to bond with her. This shall also help boost her developments.

  • You can try simple songs, action rhymes or games like Pat-a-Cake, Round the Garden, Incy-Wincy Spider and Round.
  • Playtimes can be wonderful learning adventures for your little one. It also strengthens the bond between the two of you.

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Importance Of Baby Proofing Your Home:

Since your baby is a lot more mobile than before, you need to make sure your house is “baby proofed”.

  • Once your baby has discovered the joy of moving you need to keep away all hazardous things to help her enjoy the freedom.
  • Your baby now needs freedom and space to move around that is vital for her growth and development as well.
  • Since it won’t be possible for you to monitor her every step, it is better to keep away electrical appliances, lamp shades and fragile items away from her reach.

It is worth making some basic adjustments for the sake of your 8 month old baby.

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For Parents:

  • Governing authorities have laid down guidelines that babies must get a general health review done before their first birthday.
  • You must get in touch with your healthcare provider and request for a checkup.
  • In case you have any concerns about developmental delays, you can also bring that up while meeting the doctor.
  • When you are charting the developmental “progress” of your baby, you need to keep in mind that babies develop at a different pace. If your baby was born prematurely it will have an effect on her developments as well. You must always measure her progress against her adjusted age rather than the actual one.
  • In case you find her very far behind the average, you can discuss it with your doctor. However, the good news is in most of the cases it does not signify any underlying problem, it is just that she is taking her own time.

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Moms, it is normal to feel exhausted after the action packed day and sleepless nights. Do make sure to recharge your own batteries and take breaks in between. It is very important that you keep clearing your head for your own good as well as for your baby. After all you can only take care of her when you are in good shape yourself. Do not feel guilty to find some “me time” for yourself every day.

Did you find the information on 8 month baby development helpful? Please share your views on how you can develop strong bonds with your little one. We would love to hear from you mommies.

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