Baby's Second Month - A Guide To Development And Milestones

Baby's Second Month

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When it comes to measuring developments in your baby, you need to keep in mind the fact that development is not a race. Irrespective of the pace at which your baby develops, she will be reaching all the milestones by the time she is a year old.

See your baby growing and enjoy this wonderful phase rather than comparing her developments with other babies.

2 Month Old Baby Development:

Here we shall discuss what developments your 2 months old will be going through. You can talk to your doctor about the milestones she has reached and ask about what you can expect next. Go through the following to know your 2 month old baby developmental milestones:

1. Physical Development:

By the time your baby has reached 2 months you can see some significant physical developments in her:

  • Your baby can now lift her head and turn to the sides while lying on her stomach.
  • She can now lift her chest from the floor with the support of her forearms.
  • Your baby no longer keeps her hands in tight fists at this age.
  • She can now move her hands and jerk them as well.
  • You still need to support her neck and head.

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2. Brain Development:

During the time of birth the size of your baby’s brain was 25% of the size of your brain. By the time she is a year old her brain size will be 70% of the size of an adult brain.

  • The way you interact with her will determine her communication and language skills.
  • Your 2 months old is now busy listening to the sounds around her.
  • Eye-hand coordination and object recognition are the major developmental tasks of your baby at this stage.

3. Social Developments:

Your baby has started communicating at this age.

  • She shows her interest by turning her head towards a sound or object.
  • She will turn away when she needs a break.
  • Your baby’s cries are also a means of communication.

Development Of Two Month Old Baby:

Even your 2 month old has reached some of the milestones by this time. Take a look:

  • She now reaches out to you and tries to grasp objects for few seconds.
  • She is now working on her eye-hand coordination.

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Some Major Concerns:

There are some major concerns at this age that you should be careful of. Take a look below:

  • Make sure she is gaining proper weight
  • See if she responds to noise and lights.
  • You must also look for extreme floppiness that is a signal of an underlying health problem.

You must get in touch with your doctor if you notice any of the symptoms. Early diagnosis and treatment is extremely essential.

What You Must Ensure?

To ensure proper growth and development, here are some things that you can do:

  • Your baby must drink breast milk along with vitamin D supplement as recommended by doctor.
  • Put your baby on her tummy to strengthen her muscles.
  • You can put toys out of her reach when put on tummy, so that she reaches out for them.
  • Make sure you sing and talk to her all day long. Keep describing the activities that you are doing.

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In case your baby does something earlier or later than other babies you know of, it should not bother you. As mentioned before, every baby develops in her own pace.

Your baby shall learn watching you and others around her. While she is bonding and getting attached to you, she also understands that she is a separate individual. Diverse experiences and your personality shall help her shape relations with others.

Moms share with us about your baby development at 2 months old. Share with our readers how you bond with your baby in the comment section below.

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