10 Best Bath Toys For Toddlers

Bath Toys For Toddlers

Bath times are fun! Or they should be. But when you put your toddler in the tub, bath times can turn into a nightmare!

If you are struggling to make bath times interesting for your toddler, invest in some bath toys.

Even if you have an angel for a toddler, bath toys are a good idea. They stimulate their growing brains and are super entertaining too!

But not just any bath toy will do! Your little one deserves the best. So, pick one of the best bath toys for toddlers available in the market today and turn bath times into fun times!

1. Skip Hop Dunck Stacking Ducks:

Skip Hop Dunck Stacking Ducks

Buy Skip Hop Dunck Stacking Ducks @ www.amazon.com/-skip-hop-dunck-stacking-ducks

Yes, there’s nothing unique about duck bath toys. But the Skip Hop Dunck Stacking Ducks are different! They do not just float but also work as rinsing cups. And to top it – they look super stylish too! Do not worry about keeping them clean. You can toss them in your regular dishwasher.

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2. Boon Water Bugs With Net:

Boon Water Bugs With Net

Buy Boon Water Bugs With Net @ www.amazon.com/-boon-water-bugs-with-net

Toddlers love bugs, for some weird reason. So, what can be better than bug shaped bath toys? They float around in the water, and your toddler will have the time of her life scooping them out with a net. While your little one squeals with delight, you can rejoice watching her develop hand-eye coordination.

3. Green Toys Submarine:

Green Toys Submarine

Buy Green Toys Submarine @ www.amazon.com/-green-toys-submarine

This is one of the best bathtub toys for toddlers and also for pool too! It floats and glides and is the perfect toy for your wiggly toddler. The toy is environment-friendly and is easy to clean too.

4. Whale Spout Cover by Skip Hop:

Whale Spout Cover by Skip Hop

Buy Whale Spout Cover by Skip Hop @ www.amazon.com/-whale-spout-cover-by-skip-hop

Whales are super friendly, at least in the bathtub! It keeps the spout safe and also helps distract your little one when she is especially cranky.

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5. Bath Crayons by Munchkin:

Bath Crayons by Munchkin

Buy Bath Crayons by Munchkin @ www.amazon.com/-bath-crayons-by-munchkin

We all know that toddlers love crayons. But what if they could color on the bathroom floor, walls, and even on the bathtub? And you could easily wipe it all off? Well, that’s what these amazing bath crayons do. Just be careful that your little one does not bring the habit into your living room!

6. Interchangeable Creatures by Boon:

Interchangeable Creatures by Boo

Buy Interchangeable Creatures by Boon @ www.amazon.com-interchangeable-creatures-by-boon

They come in different pieces that can be put together to make fun creatures. These bath toys are a great tool to develop hand-eye coordination and are perfect for toddlers above nine months.

7. Ikea Patrull Bathtub Mat:

Ikea Patrull Bathtub Mat

Buy Ikea Patrull Bathtub Mat @ www.amazon.com/-ikea-patrull-bathtub-mat

One of the scariest things about bathrooms is that they are slippery. But with this fun bathtub mat, you won’t have to worry about your toddler slipping. The fun shape and color will catch your little one’s eye.

8. Sassy Pull And Go Boat:

Sassy Pull And Go Boat

Buy Sassy Pull And Go Boat @ www.amazon.com/-sassy-pull-and-go-boat

Does your toddler like penguins? The fun boat whizzes around the bathtub without any motor Your toddler just needs to pull the string. Easy to use and super cute, it is a must-buy when we talk about toddler bath toys.

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9. Octopus Ring Toss:

Octopus Ring Toss

Buy Octopus Ring Toss @ www.amazon.com/-octopus-ring-toss

You can fix it to the bathroom wall and watch your toddler laugh with delight as it sprinkles water all over her head. If your little one is ready, she can even use the super cute octopus for a ring-toss game!

10. Edushape Deep Sea Fishing:

Edushape Deep Sea Fishing

Buy Edushape Deep Sea Fishing @ www.amazon.com/-edushape-deep-sea-fishing

Bath times are a perfect opportunity to do some fishing. Instead of fish, your toddler will fish out alphabets! What a great way to teach the little one her letters!

You can always buy a few rubber ducks and throw them in the bathtub.

The unique toys listed above, will keep the little one busy while you bathe her. Not just that! All these fun bath toys for toddlers are perfect for developing hand-eye coordination too. So, this is one investment you won’t regret.

Do you use bath toys to make bath times easy? Does your toddler have a favorite toy? Tell us!

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