Is It Safe To Eat Litchi During Pregnancy?

litchi during pregnancy

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Are you pregnant and craving for Litchis, but are skeptical of eating them as it may harm you or your baby? Are you looking for information on the safety of eating litchi during pregnancy? If you said yes, consider reading our post below. Here, we look at whether litchi is safe for pregnant women, and at the dos and don’ts of eating the fruit during pregnancy.

What Is A Litchi?

The litchi is a tropical fruit that was first cultivated in the Fujian and Guangdong provinces of China. Litchi is an evergreen plant, and the fruit has white fleshy pulp inside, sweet fragrance and flavor. Today, litchis are cultivated all over the world. However, the lifespan of the fruit is short, and thus it cannot be stored for long.

Is It Safe To Eat Litchi During Pregnancy:

If you are pregnant, then you need to exercise caution while eating litchis. There are many side-effects of consuming this fruit in excessive amounts, and it can lead to many complications during your special months. Here are some of the negative effects of eating litchi fruit during pregnancy in excessive amounts:

Consuming a large quantity of the fruit may cause high sugar level in your blood. If the sugar level goes up, then it might result in diabetes during pregnancy.

  • Eating litchis in large numbers can lead to Hemorrhage.
  • Also, there is a danger of contracting infections.
  • Eating too many litchis can also cause stillbirth.
  • Litchi causes internal heat, which can lead to complications during pregnancy.
  • So, no! It is not a good idea to eat too many Litchis during pregnancy. It can lead to nasty complications and side effects.

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Health Benefits Of Litchi Fruit During Pregnancy:

Although you are pregnant and can’t eat this fruit, don’t slight the litchi. It is a veritable warehouse of innumerable health benefits. Consider eating the fruit once you are in the breastfeeding stage. But, consult your doctor before you do. Here, we list some of the main health benefits of eating litchi:

1. Regulates Blood Circulation:

Litchi is a good source of Vitamin C, which is essential for iron absorption in the body. We all know that our bodies need Iron to maintain normal hemoglobin levels in the blood. Hemoglobin is crucial to blood circulation, and folate is an integral component of Hemoglobin. Magnesium is essential for blood clotting or else the body will bleed profusely on the slightest of the wound. Litchi is packed with all these nutrients, and thus it helps increase your blood volume.

2. Boosts Immunity:

Litchi is high in Vitamin C, so litchi boosts your immunity. Vitamin C is essential for maintaining a healthy immune system. So, if you wish to fight cold, cough and flu without taking medicines, then have some Litchis to encourage your natural fighting agents to fight against such infections.

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3. For Proper Bowel Movements:

If you suffer from constipation and irregular bowel movement, then Litchi is a must for you. Litchi contains high amounts of fiber and water, which enhance healthy digestion and reduce the chances of colon cancer and piles.

4. Maintaining Fluid Balance:

Litchi contains potassium that helps maintain normal sodium and fluid levels in the body i.e. electrolyte balance. Also, it helps maintain normal blood pressure and reduces the chances of heart attacks and strokes.

5. For Healthy Skin:

If you long for a healthy and flawless skin, add Litchi to your daily bowl of fruit. Skin ages to due to high free radicals. However, antioxidants like Vitamin C reduce free radicals in the system and help nourish the skin, giving it a young and smooth texture (1).

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Did you eat litchi fruit in pregnancy? How did you benefit from it? Did you suffer any side effects? Share your story with other would-be mommies here. Please drop a comment below.

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