25 Best Father's Day Card Ideas To Make Him Feel Special

best father's day card ideas to make him feel special

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Father’s Day is celebrated across the world to recognize the unparalleled contribution that fathers make to enhance the lives of their kids. This day is celebrated to mark the joy of fatherhood and to praise their efforts of parenting.

Today, Father’s Day is celebrated with great pomp and show as children express their love and gratitude to their fathers or father figures who have guided them through life. If you too wish to express your love for your dad, a great way could be to show it through a lovely Father’s Day card to light up a smile on your first hero’s face.

Top 25 Fathers Day Cards To Choose From:

The relationship that you share with your father is special, something only you two can cherish and understand. Choose from an array of cool cards that will tell your father what he means to you.

Here is a list of the top 25 cards for fathers day for you to choose from:

1. World’s Greatest Dad Cards:

What’s more, special than letting your dad know that he is the best dad in the world? Choose the Father’s Day cards that have captions like, “World’s Greatest Dad or World’s Best Dad” to show what your dad means to you. You can also find some cards that have rubber stamp like design that reads, “World’s Greatest Dad”.

2. Father’s Day Cards With Gift Boxes:

Sometimes, you may not have the time to buy a separate gift for your dad. At such times, try the Father’s Day cards that mark the celebration with different types of gift boxes pictured on them along with a sweet Happy Father’s Day greeting. Your father will surely love this cute card from you!

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3. Button Down Shirt Themed Father’s Day Cards:

button down shirt themed father’s day cards

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This Father’s Day card with shirt shaped button down look has been very popular in the recent years as it offers a clean and professional look, just like your father. These cards arrive in shirts of beautiful pastel shades or in brighter shades. Choose the one that is in your dad’s favorite color. These shirts themed cards have an “I Love Dad” or “Happy Father’s Day” message printed on the shirt pocket.

4. Vintage Style Father’s Day Cards:

vintage style father’s day cards

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Do your dad love antiques and other vintage oriented objects? Then he would adore the vintage cards that come with an antique design. These feature a worn out look with a simple background that has block fonts with Father’s Day wish in it. You can also impress your dad with a retro type card that features mustaches, glasses, coffee mugs, hats, bows and ties featured in the background.

5. Father’s Day Cards For Your Spectacled Dad:

father’s day cards for your spectacled dad

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If your dad loves having a mustache and flaunts spectacles, then this card would be a perfect choice as it reminds your dad’s face when you see it. Your dad’s face would brighten up when he sees this lovely card along with a message, “I love you dad”. You can also write a personalized message for your dad in the space provided beneath the card.

6. Cards With Glitter Fonts:

If your dad loves a bit of bling on everything, this card would please him, the moment he sees it. This Father’s day card has the letters, “DAD” in colorful fonts with glitters on it to offer a shiny look. The card also features a gift box and neckties along with the shiny fonts, which will surely make your dad happy on this special day.

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7. Father’s Day Cards With A Food Theme:

If your dad is a foodie, then make his stomach rumble and his palette tempted with the food theme based Father’s Day cards. You can choose from an array of interesting cards that have a necktie shaped using pancake, ham sandwich, cheese and lettuce sandwich or a sponge cake with colorful glazed icing over it. If your dad loves pastries, you can choose cards that have pastries in the background along with a wish for Father’s Day.

8. Innovative Father’s Day Cards:

If you are tired of the same old designs on Father’s Day cards, then seek the ones with a refreshing and innovative look. There are greeting cards that feature three dainty little hearts hanging on a line held by pegs with a Happy Father’s Day message written on it. You will also love the cards that have a WordPress design made out of wood featuring the wish on Father’s Day.

9. Beach Themed Father’s Day Cards:

If you love to remember the good old days that you spent with your dad along the beach side riding on your dad’s shoulders, this beach themed Father’s Day card would be the right reminder. These Father’s day cards feature a dad and son having a whale of a time by the beach and playing by the shore. You can even find some Father’s Day cards that would have a father and child watching the sunset at the beach.

10. Summer Outdoors Cards:

You might have had a memorable vacation with your dad every summer. Even as a grown up, you may cherish some moments like the piggy ride you enjoyed with your dad or the dad hugging competition you had with your sibling during these holidays. You can find such interesting Father’s Day cards that can remind you of those happy moments which would tell your dad how much you love him.

11. Father’s Day Cards Featuring Flower Bouquets: 

There is nothing better than wishing your dad with a fresh bunch of flowers pictured on a perfect looking greeting card. These Father’s Day cards with a simple bouquet of couple of flowers along with a wish tag are bound to make the special day a complete one.

12. Say It With The Chocolate Cards:

say it with the chocolate cards

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Your dad is a chocoholic or loves homemade chocolates? Then these Father’s Day cards that feature elegant homemade chocolates along with a tag wishing a Happy Father’s Day in handwritten style would make your dad really happy. You can also present him with some of his favorite chocolates to make the occasion much sweeter.

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13. Father’s Day Cards For Your Sophisticated Dad:

If your dad is a well-known figure you may wish to show your respect towards him for what he has done for you all these years. A great way to do this is by opting for the sophisticated cards that feature a stylish yet professional look. The wish for the Father’s Day is designed on a leather background featuring fonts in metal shade that adds a good amount of sophistication to your card.

14. The Gadget Loving Dad:

If your dad loves gadgets a lot or keeps himself updated about the latest trends in technology, you can surprise him with a Fathers Day greeting card that features the picture of a latest gadget like an iPhone, tablet etc. Is there any other way to express the fact that you know your dad better? We are sure he will love it!

15. Father’s Day Card With Chalkboard Design:

father’s day card with chalkboard design

This is another trend that has been taking the greeting card industry by storm in recent times. The front of this greeting card carries the wish. It looks like it is written with a piece of chalk, while the background of the card is pitch black; just like a blackboard. These Father’s Day cards are a good way to express your affection to your dad. For those who are on the lookout for a unique card, the ones with chalkboard design are a great find.

16. Superman Cards For Your Dad:

superman cards for your dad

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This Father’s Day, convey to your father that you consider him as a superhuman who possesses supernatural powers. You can find many cards that sport the logo of Superman. These come along with a wish or a cartoon of Superman flying with a kid, along with some impressive wordings about your dad. Make your dad feel proud of himself by calling him a super dad this year.

17. For The Sport Loving Dad:

for the sport loving dad

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If your dad is sport loving or loves a particular sport dearly, impress him with a card that showcases his interests. You can find cards that have a golf kit, golf ball, baseball, rugby ball or football, along with a Happy Father’s Day message to keep your dad happy this year.

18. Strong Dad Cards:

strong dad cards

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If your dad is a fitness freak or loves to stay in shape and stays healthy, then make him beam with pride by gifting him a card that shows he is a strong dad and you are proud of him. What’s more important than letting your dad know that you are blessed to have a strong dad on Father’s Day?

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19. Father’s Day Cards With Badges And Labels:

father’s day cards with badges and labels

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Your dad is the best dad in the world and you love him so much that he means the world to you. Choose a Father’s Day greeting card that is designed with lots of labels and badges as this will do the trick for you. The messages on the labels and badges could be:

  • Best dad in the world
  • Best dad ever
  • I love you dad
  • We love you Dad
  • Dad’s special day
  • Happy Father’s day

20. For The Car Loving Dad:

for the car loving dad

If your dad loves the four wheeled machine or collects car related collectibles, then these Father’s Day cards with a car in the background are just the right way to wish him. One look at this cute card would make your dad love the card instantly.

21. One Card With Multiple Wishes:

one card with multiple wishes

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This Father’s day card is the perfect way to show off your love for your dad. The card carries many messages to tell your dad that he is special, he is the greatest one, you love him, thank him for all he has done for you and that you wish him happiness and smiles. This card is sure to make your Father’s day a special one.

22. Special Digital Father’s Day Cards:

Add a touch of innovation this year by choosing a Father’s Day card with a digital design to show your dad that he is special to you. These digital cards with a bright design are a wonderful option to pair with all kinds of gifts.

23. Simple Father’s Day Cards:

If you like to keep everything simple and straight or if your dad is a simple person who finds joy in simple things, go for cards with a simple design and a simple wish. These cards have great color combinations and have a simplicity that makes them special for the occasion.

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24. Father’s Day Cards Based On Occupation:

father’s day cards based on occupation

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If your dad loves his profession dearly, then you can find Father’s Day cards that have an animated professional in a dark background. You can also find a card that features all professionals and carries a Father’s Day wish to all dads of the world. These cards are a great way to impress your dad who is always busy.

25. Personalized Father’s day card:

Though there are many Father’s Day cards available for you to choose from, lending a personal touch to these cards will make it special for your dad. These cards have a space for you to paste your father’s picture. You can also write your heart-felt words to express your love for your dad and to tell him how special he is to you.

We hope you liked the list of top 25 Fathers Day cards. With so many options, we are sure you will come across something interesting for your father.

Dont forget to share your ideas on innovative fathers day greeting cards with us.

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