What Is The Bradley Method Of Childbirth & What Are Its Benefits?

what is the bradley method of childbirth & what are its benefits

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Pregnancy is a life changing experience for many reasons. Over the years, there have been many medical developments; some of them changed the face of childbirth with advanced and effective methods.

While one can always choose to opt for a normal birth, some of them has more benefits as opposed to their counterparts.

What Is The Bradley Method Of Childbirth?

The Bradley method of childbirth is commonly known as the ‘partner-coached’ method of childbirth. It was named after Robert Bradley, an obstetrician, who first introduced this method in the 1940’s.

Getting his inspiration from farm animals that gave birth naturally and without any interventions or pain medications, Robert Bradley attempted to develop a similar training system. This would help moms-to-be to get in tune with their bodies, and adjust accordingly to give birth without any complications and medications.

Process Involves:

Childbirth is the final stage of pregnancy, and also a crucial one. The Bradley method minimizes the risk of complications associated with the use of medications or other interventions during childbirth. Basically, the Bradley method of natural childbirth is based on certain key points.

  • It embraces the idea that childbirth is a natural process, and women can actually give birth easily by preparing themselves for it.
  • This method is aimed at avoiding the use of pain medication and interventions during labor and birth, minimizing the stress on both the mother and the baby.
  • This philosophy attempts to educate the to-be-mom through childbirth education classes.
  • It attempts to get you focused on the important parts of your pregnancy period, particularly your childbirth.
  • It also emphasizes on the importance of the father’s support and presence during labor and birth.

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Benefits Of Choosing The Bradley Method:

There are many benefits of choosing the Bradley method for childbirth.

  • Proponents of this method claim that over 90 percent of women and couples who undergo the training process have safe, non-medicated and spontaneous vaginal births.
  • The course emphasizes on educating both the partners, which is why, it is also thought to play a role in strengthening the relationship between both the partners.
  • The Bradley method also keeps you more prepared both physically and mentally for what’s about to come.

What To Expect In A Bradley Course?

If you’re opting for the Bradley method of childbirth, you may need to get yourself enrolled for the course at least a few months before your due date.

  • This course typically lasts for 12 weeks. You and your partner will need to be under the instructions of a certified coach either personally or through online classes.
  • You will be educated about nutrition, how it affects your fetus, the importance of exercise during pregnancy and other essentials.
  • It will also teach you to tackle common pregnancy symptoms, and will focus on natural breathing and relaxation exercises to try during childbirth.
  • The course will demonstrate the different stages of labor, and will encourage your spouse to be a part of the process and act as a coach for you during your childbirth.
  • It will instruct you to follow a birth plan, communicate with your medical team, and reduce the risk of a C-section.
  • It will also help you understand common postpartum issues you may face, and lend you some advice for breastfeeding and caring for your baby.

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The Bradley method is safe childbirth option, and is thought to carry minimal risks of invasive procedures. You can explore about this in detail by talking to your doctor.

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