Can A Baby Sleep With A Pacifier?

Can A Baby Sleep With A Pacifier

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How often does your baby sleep with pacifier? For most moms out there, a pacifier is one of the miracle products that make life easy! From those cranky moods to sudden tears to sleepy outbursts, a pacifier promises to soothe almost each of your mommy worry.

While you may have been giving your baby the pacifier during the day, your baby may soon start to ask for it even at bed time. But are you worried if this is okay? Read on to know all about it:

Can Babies Sleep With A Pacifier?

Once your baby gets attached to the pacifier, it would be rather difficult to break the habit. Also, being dependent on the pacifier during sleep may mean that your baby will not be able to fall asleep without it.

Here are a few things you should consider before introducing the pacifier at sleep time:

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1. Does Your Baby Really Need All That Extra Suckling:

Some babies do need more suckling comfort compared to other babies. While this may not provide any nutrition, it does help your baby to stay calm and fall asleep.

2. Suckling on a Pacifier Reduces the Chance of SIDS:

Some studies suggest that using a pacifier while sleeping can reduce the chances of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

3. Being Dependent On Pacifier May Mean Interruption Of Sleep:

While your baby may find it easier to fall asleep while using a pacifier, chances of getting disturbed while sleeping are also very common. Your baby may wake up the moment the pacifier leaves the baby’s mouth. This means that your baby will wake up and cry unless the pacifier is returned. You would have to wake up and search for the pacifier to return it to baby. Once your baby gets the pacifier, you may have to pat your baby back to sleep all over again.

4. Breathing Through The Mouth:

Chances of your baby having a peaceful sleep with a pacifier can be seriously interrupted during a cold. If your baby has a cold it will be difficult for baby to breathe through the nose. This means that the most natural thing would be to breathe through the mouth. For this it is required that the pacifier be removed to ease your baby’s breathing. But taking off the pacifier at a time when baby has a cold could be difficult. Your baby may already be cranky and uncomfortable, and taking away the pacifier can increase the discomfort.

Cons Of Using A Pacifier:

While pacifier does have a lot of use, it sure comes with its share of problems too.

1. Ear Infections:

Did you know that babies sleeping with pacifier are two times more likely to develop multiple ear infections?

2. Tooth Troubles:

Constant use of the pacifier can have some harmful effects on your baby’s tooth development. If your baby is already on the pacifier, try and stop its use at least six months before baby’s second birthday.

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3. Nipple Confusion:

If your baby is still breastfeeding and using the pacifier as well, chances are it could lead to nipple confusion. Suckling on the pacifier provides a lot of comfort but without the required nutrition. This means that your baby may actually start preferring the pacifier more than the breastfeeding times. This will lead to your baby being calm but not full. On the other hand, if your baby refuses to feed and instead wants the pacifier, it can have a negative impact on the breast milk. How much milk you produce depends on how much baby is suckling. Once your baby stops suckling the milk production will start going down too.

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How to Wean Your Baby Off The Pacifier:

While it sure is difficult, here are a few tips that can help you wean baby off the pacifier:

  • Take it away before it becomes a habit
  • Be firm
  • End the practice before your baby turns a year old
  • Give baby some time to adjust
  • Choose a time of day when baby will be less fussy
  • Learn to distract
  • Gradually increase the no pacifier time
  • In case of an older baby, talk about the problem and take it away

These tips and tricks can help you wean your baby off the pacifier. Of course it will be difficult at first and you need to be prepared for the tears. But once your baby gets accustomed to sleeping without the pacifier, it will soon become a good habit.

Did you face a similar situation of your baby sleeping with pacifier? Do share your experiences with us in the comment section below!

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