Can Cough Syrup Help You Get Pregnant?

Can Cough Sayrup Help You Get Pregnant

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Trying to plan your family? Various methods of conception have gained widespread popularity of late. In most cases, women like to go for standard methods that are also medically proven to work.

However, there exist certain unconventional, but extremely effective methods that you cannot overlook. One such method is using the cough syrup!

As unbelievable as that sound, cough syrup has been reported to help conceive by many individuals across the globe. Medical experts cannot validate the effectiveness completely via certified tests and trials. However, they have managed to decipher and understand as to what goes on behind this wonder.

Can Cough Syrup Help You Get Pregnant?

There is a medical logic behind what happens when you try cough syrup for getting pregnant. The mystery is explained below in simpler terms for you:

  • Cough syrups contain guaifenesin, an ingredient, that comes under the category of expectorants.
  • When you have a cough, guaifenesin helps by liquefying the accumulated mucus in your lungs, enabling you to expel the same quickly.
  • While working on lungs, this expectorant automatically stimulates other mucous membranes in your body.
  • This change causes your cervical fluid to loosen up into a thinner liquid. It further enables the sperm to travel easier and faster towards the egg in order to fertilize it.

If you are planning to try the cough syrup method to get pregnant, here are some important pointers to follow in order to make this happen!

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8 Things To Do While Taking Cough Syrup To Get Pregnant:

Below are some vital measures to follow while trying to get pregnant the cough syrup way:

1. Choose the cough syrup that has guaifenesin as an active ingredient.

2. Check for the labels and formulations rather carefully. Some cough syrups contain antihistamines that can cause drying of cervical fluid, leading to some reverse effects.

3. It is better to get a cough syrup prescribed by your doctor to check what works.

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4. The best time to try this method is at the time of ovulation.

5. Be prepared at the onset of ovulation. Taking cough syrup while your cervical fluid is thinner already leads to stronger chances of conception.

6. Try and stay away from stronger cough formulations that contain other drugs like dextromethorphan and alcohol.

7. Take two teaspoons of cough syrup three times a day during the time of ovulation.

8. Do not forget to check your temperature (like you usually do, while trying to conceive with sex during ovulation).

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Points To Remember:

  • Cough syrup is particularly beneficial for women who have had a medical procedure getting rid of abnormal cervical cells or cone biopsy. This condition usually leads to lower production of cervical fluid that can be corrected by guaifenesin.
  • Be mindful of the fact that there is no guarantee of conception with cough syrup in either of the circumstances. The odds of hits and misses are unpredictable here as well, like in all other methods.
  • No matter how you try, it would be always ideal to discuss all the options with your gynecologist first.
  • Your individual health profile also plays an important role here. Usually, a lot of factors contribute to resorting to various options revolving around conception.
  • If you have tried for other methods previously such as IVF, list the details with your doctor. Do not take an individual call on selecting a strong cough syrup hoping to make it twice as effective. Seek medical guidance in what you try.

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Hope you enjoyed reading and gathering information about can cough syrup help you get pregnant. If you have already got pregnant with cough syrup, then do share your views and experiences with other to-be-parents in the comment section.

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