Can You Still Get Pregnant With An IUD?

Can You Still Get Pregnant With An IUD

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Are you looking for an effective and long-lasting method to help you with family planning? Are you looking for a contraceptive that won’t affect your hormones and fertility adversely? If you said yes, copper IUD can be one of the best solutions. Read our post to learn every important fact about pregnancy and copper IUD.

What Is Copper IUD?

Copper intrauterine device (IUD) is a tiny plastic device with a copper wire wrapping around its stem. Your gynaecologist can place the copper IUD inside your uterus to prevent the chances of unwanted pregnancy. IUD helps you prevent pregnancy for years as it lasts between three and ten years (1).

Who Can Use Copper IUD?

Women who need a long lasting, reliable contraceptive solution can go for a copper IUD. Also, copper IUD is the best option for women who prefer not to any use contraceptive that interferes with their hormonal balance. Lactating women too can use a copper IUD since it has no side-effects on the breast milk or the health of the breastfeeding baby.

Does A Copper IUD Prevent Pregnancy?

Yes, Copper IUD is 99% effective. So it is highly effective in preventing unwanted pregnancy. Copper ions inhibit the movement of the sperm as they contain fluids are highly toxic to sperm. Copper ions leach into the cervical mucus and the uterine fluids. So, when sperm comes in contact with these fluids, the toxic nature of fluid inhibits its activity preventing pregnancy. Even if a highly active little spermatozoon fertilizes an egg, the copper ion will saturate the environment and prevent the fertilized egg from implanting itself, which helps prevent pregnancy (2).

Benefits Of Using A Copper IUD:

Here are some prominent benefits of using a copper IUD:

  • It is a highly effective form of contraceptive.
  • A Copper IUD is long lasting and can prevent pregnancy for about three to ten years.
  • It’s available at a reasonable cost.
  • The IUD doesn’t disturb the hormonal balance in women. So it’s the best contraceptive to use without affecting your hormones and fertility adversely.
  • Copper IUD is an instantly reversible method of birth control. So when you remove it, you regain your normal fertility level. Also, it is easy to remove.
  • The IUD does not affect breastfeeding.
  • The IUD does not interfere with sexual intercourse.
  • Copper IUDs also help prevent pregnancy if your doctor inserts it within five days after unprotected sex. So women use it as an emergency contraception (3).

Things To Remember:

When using a copper IUD, you should keep the following things in mind:

  • Check the presence of IUD after your period every month to ensure that it’s still in the right place.
  • If you suffer from any unusual symptom, such as pain in your lower abdomen, pain during intercourse, or discharge from your vagina, see your doctor immediately.
  • If your period is one week overdue or you have an unusual bleeding pattern, see your doctor or go for a pregnancy test.
  • Maintain a record of your copper IUD replacement since you should not use it longer than the recommended period.

When Should You Avoid Using Copper IUD?

When opting for a copper IUD, you should also have the right knowledge as to when you should not use it. Here are a few situations when you should avoid using an IUD:

  • When you want to be pregnant.
  • If you are suffering from a pelvic infection or pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), doctors would advise against the use of IUD.
  • When you suffer from abnormal bleeding from your vagina and the cause of bleeding is not diagnosed.
  • When you are undergoing treatment for cervical cancer, you need to avoid the use of IUD.

Now you know all about the advantages of this safe and effective birth control method. Why wait? Go ahead and enlighten others!

Did you use a copper IUD as a contraceptive at any time? How did it help you? Share your experience with other women here.


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