Clean Eating Basics: Change Your Body the Healthy Way

Clean Eating Basics

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You might have many diet tips on hand. But without the right rules at the right time, and you can’t seriously blame the weighing scales now, can you? So, here are few habits that you may want to inculcate in your diet. It will help you stay on track.

1. Combat The Happy Hours:

A weekend binge party could be irresistible, especially if you have some amazing folks inviting you for one. You may be in a denial. What should you do? Take a lot of water in between your drinks. That will not only reduce your intake of calorie-rich hard drinks but also keep you hydrated. One trick to combat the binge hour is to order sparkling water with a streak of lime or lemon in a martini glass. Add some fruit punch for the extra festive mood.

2. Starvation Isn’t The Key:

Did you recently go to a party where you indulged in some high-calorie sweets because you wanted to keep someone company (and use the excuse to polish away some). You don’t have to worry about that one-time affair. Did you know that it takes 3,500 calories for you to put on a pound of fat? So a one-off indulgence won’t matter much. However, working on reducing calories on the subsequent days, doesn’t have to mean you starve yourself. Simply reduce the fatty and carb contents from the menu for the next couple of days. Include more proteins and fiber. The other trick is to eat 100 calories before you hit a party. This way you will manage to lay your hands on fewer munchies out there.

3. Water And Energy Drinks:

Think working out, think replenishing the lost water. Water is a natural source to hydrate you and is calorie free. For the best workout, you will need to stay hydrated intermittently and maintain the necessary energy levels. Yes, there are scores of energy drinks on the stands, but the electrolyte-laden drinks might mean loading you with the energy that you don’t need. So although there are low-calorie sports drinks available, it’s the best to opt for natural drinks. Did you know that coconut water is a wonderful mineral-replenishing drink? Look for the tinned coconut water, if you can’t find natural one.

4. Fuel For Fitness:

Did you know that fitness gurus recommend you to eat something before you hit a workout session? The idea has been advocated by scientists as well. “Oh, but I think I am fine with a cup of tea or coffee!” Well not really! While caffeine picks you up, you don’t want fluids keep sloshing around your empty tummy during your work out. Get some breakfast. You must eat around 200-250 calories of carbohydrates 90 minutes before you hit the gym. How about English muffin, bagels with peanut butter, low-fat cream cheese, two slices of French toast with half a fruit? Ummm… A refreshing energy back-up for your fitness regimen.

5. Add Zest To Foods:

Going bland can sometimes get you to swing between junk. Instead, add spices, herbs, and citrus flavors to your regular food. Your fruits and veggies will liven up with a dash of lime juice. The bonus is the zero calories that spices and herbs offer you (apart from the great aroma), so you will not have to worry about that bit. So the next time you enter the kitchen, you might as well want to give your foods an oriental touch. Go for it!

6. Indulge In Fruit-laden Ice-cream:

One scoop of ice-cream is never enough. So do the excess calorie toppings that go with it. It’s not a bad idea to go on an ice-cream spree once in a while. Get not one, but three scoops. But you could balance the calorie intake by topping it with healthy fruit pile – go for strawberries, pineapple, diced kiwi, for instance. Dry fruits like raisins, almonds and walnuts are great choices too. You will love the combination. And get the essential portion of fruits for the day. Well, it’s good to treat yourself to it once in a blue moon! Else your sweet tooth will nudge you for mindless indulgence for days to come.

Share with us your tips on clean eating habit if they have worked wonders for you!

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