Color Blindness In Toddlers - Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatments

Color Blindness In Toddlers

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Color blindness can lead to many problems, such as an inability to differentiate between red and brown, and other colors. So, how do you know if your toddler suffers from color blindness? Will it only be distinguishable when he comes of age? Read our post and learn all about color blindness in toddlers and how it affects them here.

What Is Color Blindness?

Color Blindness is a disease where a person is unable to distinguish various colors. It is also called color vision deficiency. However, those who suffer from the disorder can clearly see the objects like any other normal human being. Usually, people find difficulty in differentiating between Yellow, Orange, Green and Red colors.

Causes Of Color Blindness In Toddlers:

There are many causes for color blind toddlers. Some of the reasons include:

1. Genetic Disorder:

Color Blindness is a genetic disease i.e. if you have a family history of this disorder then it is likely that it will be passed down to the younger generation. Our retina contains rod and cone-shaped cells that are also called photosensitive cells because they respond to light.

Cone cells further fall under three types and these respond to the different spectrum of light viz. Yellow-Green part of the spectrum, green part of the spectrum, violet light spectrum, etc.

If your kid is suffering from color blindness, then some of the cone cells will be missing and he will not be able to respond to the different spectrums of light. Thus, he will not be able to distinguish between colors.

2. Brain Damage:

Color blindness also occurs, if your little one has suffered any brain injury and the part of the brain that controls the vision is affected.

3. Retinal Damage:

Our eyes consist of a layer called Retina, which is sensitive to light and contains rod and cone-shaped cells. Any damage to the retina can result in color blindness.

4. Mutation:

Mutation is a sudden change in the chromosomes. Mutation during fetal development also causes color blindness in the child.

Types Of Color Blindness In Toddlers:

If your toddler is suffering from color blindness, then please do find out that what sort of color blind toddler she is? Here, we list some types of color-blindness that occur in individuals.

1. Red-Green Color Blindness:

This is mostly genetically inherited color blindness. It is more common in males than in females because the genes that cause this type color blindness is present on X chromosome. Males have just one X chromosome (Males have XY chromosome set) and females have two X chromosomes i.e. XX. Thus, males are more prone to Red-Green color blindness.

2. Blue-Yellow Color Blindness:

Blue-Yellow Color Blindness is caused irrespective of the gender. It occurs equally both in males and females. The reason for this is that the gene causing this type of color blindness is present on chromosome number seven and is not linked with sex-chromosomes.

Symptoms Of Color Blindness In Toddlers:

Following are some of the common signs of color blindness in toddlers.

  • Eyes become sensitive to bright light.
  • If your child is unable to pay attention while filling colors in his drawing assignment, then do get him checked for color blindness.
  • The kid is unable to respond to different colors and colorful objects.
  • The problem gets clearly identified when the child reaches the age of three to four years and is better able to express colors.

Diagnosing Color Blindness In Toddlers:

It is difficult to test toddlers for any kind of color vision defect. However, once the child reaches the age of three or four the doctors (ophthalmologists) use charts and designs to diagnose the disease in children.

Treating Color Blindness In Toddlers:

There is no treatment for color blindness. However, the doctor will suggest some contact lenses that will help your child distinguish between various colors.

Is your little one also suffering from color blindness? What did your doctor suggest you? Please share your experience with other mommies. Drop a comment below.

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