5 Common Effects Of Anxiety During Pregnancy

Anxiety During Pregnancy

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Anxiety is a common feature while you are pregnant. It is quite natural that you would be experiencing panic attacks and anxiety during your months of pregnancy. You have a whole new life growing inside you and it is natural to be worried about it.

However, these panic attacks and anxiety pangs need to be dealt carefully. Most of the time, anxiety during pregnancy can cause reactions in your body that may affect your baby.

All the hormonal changes in your body and the dietary restrictions are bound to make you feel worried and anxious during this phase of your life.

The trick is not to let it affect your daily activities majorly.

Common Effects Of Anxiety During Pregnancy:

Feeling anxious during your pregnancy is not unusual or uncalled for. It is a natural reaction. However, anxiety tends to become harmful when it starts interfering in your daily activities.

Watch out for the following:

  1. You may experience an increased rate of heartbeat that results in palpitation.
  2. A full-fledged panic attack can result in chest pains.
  3. Too much of stress or anxiety can even make you dizzy and result in trembles or shivers.
  4. You also find it difficult to breathe as the panic sets in and constricts the flow of air into your lungs.
  5. You may also experience sleeplessness, irritability and a loss of appetite.

As you can very well understand, these symptoms are not good for your baby’s development. You need to be able to curb your anxiety and prevent it from getting out of hand.

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Most of the time, you tend to fret over things that are hardly of any consequence. During your magical nine months, you need to keep calm and happy.

Handling Stress And Anxiety During Pregnancy:

The main thing to keep in mind is that your anxiety is not misplaced but it is not entirely justified either. Try to analyze your fears in order to effectively cope with them.

  • You are not alone in this. You have a caring partner, family and friends who are there to support you. Reach out to them.
  • Talk to your husband and share your worries. In all probability, he too is going through the same kind of fears. Sharing would help you both to deal with your stress.
  • Slow down on your activity front. You need to understand that you cannot go about doing every single thing on your own. Let others around you take charge. This shall help you stress a little less about mundane things.
  • Breathing exercises help to keep you calm by increasing oxygen flow. Indulge in some.
  • Utilize your vacation days and off days from work and pamper yourself. Read, go for a rejuvenating spa session or simply stay back at home and rest.
  • Get ample amount of sleep and maintain a regular early-to-bed routine.
  • Practicing yoga will give you the perfect balance and mental peace. Join a yoga class.
  • Spend time with other pregnant women. Talk to them and share your views. Better still; join a local support group during your pregnancy months.
  • Eat healthy and good food.
  • Do things with your partner. Put on those walking shoes and go out for a stroll in the park. Go for a drive or catch up on a movie together. Being pregnant does not mean that you cut back on your “together-time”!

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Keeping these things in mind will help you deal positively with extreme anxiety during pregnancy.

Rely on your doctor for information. Surfing the web too much can give you information that may mislead you and fuel your worry. Just stop, sit back and enjoy the precious moments of your pregnancy, completely stress-free!

We hope this article helped you. We would love to hear your views and suggestions on the same.

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