Top 10 Creative Shape Activities For Preschoolers

Shape Activities For Preschoolers

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“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way – things I had no words for.” – Georgia O’Keeffe.

Ever wondered how you are able to differentiate amongst the innumerable number of shapes prevailing? Well, it is during your childhood that you learn about the different shapes and learn to identify them.

Let’s explore different fun ways for teaching shapes to preschoolers here:

Top 10 Shape Activities For Preschoolers:

The ability to identify different shapes is an extremely important visual discrimination skill. Knowing the name of each shape also allows children to then correctly understand descriptions of objects based on shapes.

Check out here some activities on shapes for preschoolers in order to know more about different colors and shapes:

1. Shape Hunt:

Shape Hunt

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Indoor activities can be really fun, especially when they include the whole family playing together.

  • One such indoor activity could be where your children gather with friends.
  • They can go on a hunt in the house for different types of shapes.
  • This can depend on what shapes you ask them to find.
  • Try using a chits system that will help them choose their shape at the beginning of the activity.
  • The child collecting the maximum number of items of the shape he or she is allotted to wins the game!

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2. Puzzle Shapes:

Puzzle Shapes

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Both children and adults are addicted to playing puzzles because they’re so intriguing and challenging.

  • What better way than to imbibe this value of mastering the art of puzzles with children at a young age?
  • You can make use of different shapes that are meant to be matched to each other.
  • For this activity, lay down the pieces of a puzzle in front of your preschooler.
  • Ask them to guess which correct shape fits in where required.

3. Building Block Shapes:

Building Block Shapes

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Building blocks are something that has been a part of almost everyone’s childhood.

  • For this particular activity, give your preschooler different shapes for the purpose of building something.
  • This will help your preschooler get increasingly familiar to the different shapes as well as recognizing them more often.

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4. Self-Shape Portrait:

Self-Shape Portrait

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This is an activity for all the young, budding artist preschoolers out there.

  • In this activity, your preschooler will be required to create an outline of the self portrait of him.
  • Let your preschooler do this using various shapes that you provide.
  • The completion of the activity lies in correctly placing the shapes.

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5. Shape Bingo:

Shape Bingo

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Another game that never gets old is Bingo, which is usually played with numbers meant to be struck off as soon as they are called out.

  • In the ‘shape’ version of Bingo, the shapes drawn are meant to be struck off by your preschooler as soon as they are called out.
  • The preschooler with the maximum number of shapes struck out successfully completes the activity and is the winner.
  • This will also help your preschooler remember the shapes, having come across them more than once.

6. The Making Of A Shape:

The Making Of A Shape

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Young children are fond of creating things from scratch and this activity gives your preschooler the liberty to do exactly the same. This is one interesting shape activity for preschoolers.

  • Give your preschooler some clay and POP in different colors.
  • Help to physically make the shapes by watching a guide book.
  • This will help give your preschooler a first person-firsthand experience in shapes.

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7. Shapes And Ladders:

Shapes And Ladders

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You remember the version with the snakes, don’t you?

  • In Shapes And Ladders, your preschooler essentially climbs up the ladder on the board.
  • Each time he faces a shape, he has to slide down to his starting position.
  • Trying to avoid the shape each time helps your preschooler in identifying it nevertheless.

8. Use, Shape Me:

Use, Shape Me

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This activity refers to your preschooler receiving various ice cream sticks for the activity.

  • As the activity commences, your preschooler is supposed to use as many ice cream sticks as possible.
  • Your tot has to use them by joining and making as many shapes as possible.
  • As a reference you can show how to use a guidebook with images.

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9. Atlas Shape:

Atlas Shape

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In this activity, your preschooler will have to recognize shapes from different countries and their outlines.

  • A country will be shown to your preschooler and he will have to choose a shape that best or closest represents the shape of the country as in that atlas.
  • This exposes your preschooler to the concept of world maps.
  • It also helps him take a small step by recognizing shapes and identifying them.

10. Wear A Shape:

Wear A Shape

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What better way to learn more about shapes then to really wear a shape?

  • This activity will give your preschooler an opportunity to wear different type of shapes.
  • These will not only make your preschooler look prettier will also make sure he can recognize the shape by looking at it or playing with it.
  • The idea behind these activities is that preschoolers will learn anything if it is wholeheartedly taught to them. You need to make the process innovative and fun.

Activities play a large role in this learning process and it is important to observe your child and adapt to his or her level of understanding.

These color and shape activities for preschoolers are extremely important in developing his knowledge about various shapes that will play a major role as he grows up. Do let us know how your preschooler enjoyed and learnt through these fun activities.

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