4 Disadvantages Of Wearing An Underwire Bra During Pregnancy

underwire bra during pregnancy

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Your breasts go through a significant change during and after pregnancy. The milk ducts prepare themselves to lactate for your oncoming baby. The size of your breasts may remain the same or increase in size. It is during the pregnant phase that you have to be extra careful about the kind of bra you should be wearing.

Is it safe to wear underwire bra during pregnancy? Well, the underwire bra is an instant favorite with many women due to its ability to give that superfine support to the breasts and enhance the look. However, it is advisable to not use one while you are pregnant. Underwire bras do not cause any serious harm to your breasts or your body, but they surely make you feel uncomfortable.

You may feel comfortable wearing an underwire bra till the first trimester of your pregnancy. But it is strictly recommended you replace these with more comfortable options in the later stages of pregnancy when the actual activity starts in the milk ducts.

Disadvantages Of Wearing An Underwire Bra During Pregnancy:

Here are some of the disadvantages of wearing wearing underwire bras during pregnancy:

  • Obstruction to the blood flow to your breasts, that is significantly higher than normal.
  • Excessive pressure on your milk ducts.
  • Pain, inflammation and sometimes infection in your breasts (Inflammation called Mastitis).
  • Discomfort while wearing them.

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Maternity Bra Instead:

Your doctors will recommend the use of maternity bra during pregnancy. This is because they are much more comfortable for the changing breasts and have been specifically designed to meet the needs of a pregnant woman.

  • It is ideal that you measure the cup size three to four times at the onset of the second trimester.
  • Your cup size may also drastically change during the last trimester.
  • Hence it is useful to stock up less for the second trimester and shop for more during the last months before the due date.

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Specifications Of A Good Maternity Bra:

You can look out for the viable choices in the maternity bra following the below important factors:

1. Design:

Look out for the designs that have wide shoulder straps, support panels and adjustable back fastenings that felicitate for your growing cup size during lactation post-delivery.

2. Fitting:

The bra should be able to cover the entire area of your breast. There should be no bulges at the top, bottom or the sides of the cups.

3. Comfort:

The straps of the bra should not cut into your shoulder line. This causes more pain and discomfort as the breasts get heavier while lactating.

  • The shoulder straps should stay in their place without digging in even after you stretch your arms or upper body.
  • The nipples should point straight ahead and not lie down or up while wearing a bra.

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Women With Larger Breasts:

If you have large breasts that are prone to a rapid increase in the cup size, make sure you buy a maternity bra that is 2 or 3 cup sizes extra to accommodate the anticipated change after the delivery. It is always better to buy a bra in a larger size and not the exact for the unforeseen emergencies.

Buying The Underwired Bra In Pregnancy:

Some women still prefer an underwire bra at all times.

  • If you can’t do without one, there are brands in the market that sell exclusive underwire maternity bra.
  • You can choose this variant but make sure that the bra meets all the above recommendations for more comfort and ease.

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It is always advisable to stay away from an underwire bra while pregnant and nursing.

Choosing a right maternity bra helps you relax while coping with the sudden cup changes at the time of nursing and lactation. Be vigilant with measuring the cup size in order to avoid any discrepancies after delivery.

Having a foresight and being prepared always helps. Do share your views and experiences on the same with us in the comment box below:

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