9 Easter Games That Kids Are Going To Love

Easter Games

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Sunrise service, Easter eggs, candy, Easter bunnies! I can never get enough of Easter. This is the time to unleash your creativity and cherish the memories throughout the year. Sit with your kids, make some crazy stuff, appreciate them, and have fun. And yes, do not forget to eat those yummy foods.

But if you are bored of doing the usual stuff every year, here’s a solution. We have some fun Easter games that are a tad different and creative:

1. Painting and decorating the eggs:

Make big size models of eggs using old newspapers, wrapped with colorful papers. Ask your kids to paint the eggs however they want to. Let their creative juices flow, and motivate them with a prize for the best painting. You could also use hard-boiled eggs for painting.

2. Tossing the eggs:

Let the kids pair up in two’s. Give each pair, a pair of plastic eggs (not real eggs, as they could get messy when they break). Let them stand a few feet apart and toss the eggs at each other. The other teammate has to catch these eggs without dropping them. Whoever drops the egg is excluded from the game. With each progressive round, the distance between the partners increases. The game is continued until only one team is left and they would be declared the winners.

3. Hop, skip, and jump:

Divide the kids’ into pairs of two. Each pair receives two large eggs (made from cardboard). The first kid in the team stands on one egg and the second kid places the egg cutout on the ground in front of the first kid. The first kid has to hop on to the second egg and repeat the process till he reaches the finish line. Whoever reaches the finish line first is the winner.

4. Match the eggs:

Take an even pair of plastic eggs and fill each pair of eggs with tiny objects such as coins, grains, or dice. Mix up all the eggs and let the kids match the eggs with the correct pair by shaking the eggs and listening to the sound. Whoever gets the maximum number of matches is the champion.

5. Capturing the egg:

Capturing the egg

You will need eight eggs of four different colors. Let the kids divide into pairs of two and pick their color of eggs. Each team has to guard their eggs in their area while capturing the other team’s eggs. You have to bring their eggs to your area without being tagged by their players. Whoever captures all the eggs without being tagged is the winner.

6. Pin the egg under the hen:

Take a picture of a big hen and pin it up on a wooden board. Give the kids a cutout of an egg and ask them to pin the egg under the hen. The catch is that you have to blindfold the kids while they pin the egg. Whoever does it right is the winner.

7. Easter egg rolling race:

Give hard boiled eggs to each kid. In their respective racing lanes, have them roll the eggs from the start line to the finish line using a wooden spatula. Whoever crosses the finish line first is the winner.

8. Easter singing:

Bring in some festive ambiance with some choir. Divide the kids into two big groups. One team starts with a song. The other team has to start singing with the last letter of the previous song. Whoever fails to sing is eliminated, and the other team wins.

9. Easter treasure hunt:

This is like a typical treasure hunt game. Get an Easter basket with a lot of goodies and hide it in a secret place. Drop the clues in the plastic eggs to find the treasure. The first one to locate the treasure wins the Easter basket.

Easter can be great fun when you have these creative games. Your kids are just going to love you for organizing them. You could choose to paint, toss, or roll the eggs, but make your Easter a memorable one.
Happy Easter!

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