Eating Sugar During Pregnancy - Is It Safe?

Eating Sugar During Pregnancy

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Would you not agree that even feeling nauseous brings a smile on your face, when you are pregnant? Those with a sweet tooth will love eating sugar while pregnant.Pregnancy paves way for the wonderful stage in life called motherhood that just about any woman craves for. However, during pregnancy, you need to be careful regarding myriads of things, including what you eat, dress you wear or products you use! Women need to be particularly careful about what they eat after conceiving.

Discarding junk food and taking foods with key nutrients is important as is eating the foods at the right time and in the right amounts. The development of the fetus and future health prospects depends a lot on diet followed by the mother.

Is Eating Sugar While Pregnant Safe?

Normally, women consume a good amount of sugar through various dishes and drinks they consume. However, sugar intake needs to be kept within limit after a woman has conceived. Excess sugar consumption can be counter-productive both for the woman and the fetus she is carrying in her womb.

Drawbacks Of Excess Sugar Consumption In Pregnancy:

1. Aggravation Of Pregnancy Symptoms:

Eating too much sugar during pregnancy can be harmful.When you get pregnant, occasional vomiting, heart burn and mood swings are natural. However, when you keep on consuming excessive sugar through foods the symptoms can persist and become aggregated. The best way is keeping them under check by eating small amounts of sugar after you conceive.

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2. Nutritional Deficit:

During pregnancy, it is normal for women to develop a craving for specific foods. These include pickles, Ice creams, burgers and so on. Most of these are laden with extra fat and sugar. When you indulge in sugary foods, the nutritional intake takes a nosedive. It is detrimental both for the mother and fetus.

3. Aggravates Feeling Of Tiredness:

It is commonplace among pregnant women to feel lethargic and devoid of energy at times. Eating much sugar can only heighten this feeling. Sugary drinks and foods generally contain sucrose, which causes blood glucose level surge followed by a fall in energy.

4. It Can Make Baby Craving For Sugar:

Research has shown women who crave for sugary foods in pregnancy, have kids who grow up as sugar craving lot too. This actually paves way for obesity and related ailments in the long run.

5. Weight Gain:

Eating sugar during pregnancy causes weight gain.While all women gain some amount of weight during pregnancy, those who intake, excess sugar put on more weight than usual. They also find it harder to shed the excess flab after childbirth.

Tips To Reduce Sugar Consumption In Pregnancy:

Doctors advise low-sugar intake when you are pregnant. It helps in keeping blood sugar levels in check and promotes a healthier weight gain. It also helps battle gestational diabetes – a condition, some women get afflicted with during pregnancy. This however does not mean you should stop taking sugar in any forms when you conceive.

Below listed are a few helpful tips women can use to consume sugar safely in pregnancy:

1. Limit Consumption Of Sugary Snacks And Foods:

It will be tough for women with a fetus in womb to stop eating sugary foods altogether, owing to strong cravings that can arise. However limit eating pastries, cakes, ice creams and sweet snacks as much as possible.

2. Include Sweet Fruits In Your Diet:

When a sugar craving hits you in pregnancy, eat sweet fruits like mango, strawberry and pineapple. They contain natural sugar, but you will also get a lot of vitamins and minerals in the process. These are beneficial for the health of both mother and fetus. You may also make fruit juice at home but do not add sugar and be content with the natural sweetness of the fruits.

3. Avoid Artificial Sweeteners:

Pregnant women need to evade using artificial sweeteners. They can be harmful in the long run, some studies have shown. Using healthier alternatives like coconut sugar and honey is a better idea for them.

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