7 Effective Solutions To Prevent Hair Loss Post Delivery


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During your pregnancy you would have received compliments from a number of people saying your hair look really healthy and lustrous. That is the pregnancy glow for your hair ‘during pregnancy’, thanks to healthy diet and the everyday dose of folic acid that you consume.

But often, new moms experience hair loss after pregnancy about 2-3 months after giving birth. It may be terrifying and you may think you are the only seeing her beautiful tresses go down that drain. Trust us, it is perfectly normal and there are many other women facing a similar situation.

Why Hair Fall After Delivery?

Human hair resides on our head in two phases. 90% of the hair is growing at one time and 10% enter a resting phase. Every two to three months the resting hair fall out and allow new hair to grow in its place. During pregnancy estrogen levels increase due to which there is lesser number of hair in the resting phase and hence lesser hair fall.
After delivery, the estrogen levels come down suddenly and a lot more hair follicles enter the resting stage; hence, this leads to more hair loss. Not all women experience tremendous hair fall post delivery, but you should expect to experience at least some hair loss. Usually, women with long hair experience more hair fall than women with short hair.

Possible Solutions:

How to control hair fall after delivery? With a delivery, there are a number of changes that take place in your body from hormonal to physical. They will slowly fade away, as time passes. Here are simple ways to reduce and tackle post-delivery hair fall to the best possible extent:

1. Stop Worrying:

Postpartum hair loss is medically known as Telogen Effluvium. It is a normal occurrence and will not make you go bald. Even for normal people stress results in hair loss, so if you are going to keep fretting and worrying about your falling hair, it won’t be helping you much.

2. Avoid Tight Styles:

Using tight rubber bands, clips, rollers, weavers or tying your hair tightly in a braid or ponytail can stretch your hair causing stress and pressure on your scalp. Hair that is stretched too tight tends to get stretched and is likely to fall out fast.

3. Eat nutritious:

You noticed how beautiful your hair and skin felt while you were on a healthy pregnancy diet. Vegetables and nuts are not only healthy but also contain antioxidants and flavonoids that protect hair follicles. These foods also boost healthy growth of new hair.

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4. Take Supplements:

Sometimes what we eat doesn’t make for all the minerals and necessary vitamins required by the body. Speak to your doctor for supplements like Vitamin B complex, Zinc, Vitamins E and C and biotin. These will boost hair growth and also prevent hair fall to a large extent.

5. Say No To Chemicals In Hair:

If you wash your hair every day or even every other day, opt for a natural or herbal hair cleanser that is not laden with harmful chemicals. Washing hair with strong shampoos erodes them off their healthy look and makes them brittle and weak. Avoid too much styling and heat for your hair to prevent them from getting brittle.

6. Don’t Over Brush:

Frequent combing and brushing of hair can damage your hair leading to hair fall. Also, use a wide toothed comb to brush wet hair as they as it would reduce stress on your weak hair as you try and remove tangles from your hair while they are still wet.

7. Cut You Hair Short:

With a newborn in the house, chances are that you might be too busy to spare much time to your hair. It is best to go for a haircut and keep them short so that they are easy to maintain. Short hair is prone to lesser hair fall than long hair.

We hope this article has enlightened you about post-delivery hair fall. Don’t worry too much and you will see your hair fall problem disappear soon. Until then, be patient and follow the above tips to maintain health of your hair.
Also we would like to know your experiences in dealing hair fall post-delivery.

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