21 Super Fun Road Trip Games And Activities For Kids

Road Trip Games For Kids

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Long weekends are perfect for a road trip with kids. For early birds, it makes it all the more exciting to start your trip before sunrise so that you can get some fresh air and a glimpse of the beautiful morning skies. But that means feeling very tired halfway through the trip. And kids could get cranky with boredom. Here are a few travel or road trip activities for kids that can keep them hooked to some fun as you drive:

Super Exciting Road Trip Games For Kids:

Here are some fun and interesting travel activities to beat the boredom.

1. Count The Cars:

Road Trip Games For Kids - Count The Cars

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I remember how as kids we would count the number of cars of similar make zooming past us each hour. The one with the biggest count wins. And it’s fun. You could either count cars of the same make or the same color.

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2. Coloring Books:

Coloring Books

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Kids love coloring. Provide her with coloring books and a portable crayon set that will let her fill in colors on her favorite images. Also, coloring pictures will boost your kid’s creativity as she attempts to use different color combinations. (1)

3. Provide Binoculars:

Provide Binoculars

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Kids love to watch distant objects through binoculars. So provide her a pair of binoculars and encourage her to look at distant mountains, rivers, houses, and various destinations while traveling. Ask them what they can locate and describe the objects. Looking through binoculars will engage your kid and fuel her curiosity regarding distant objects while travelling.

4. A Fun Questionnaire:

Prepare a fun questionnaire about each other and get your companions cracking up.

5. Tic-Tac-Toe:

Road Trip Games For Kids - Tic-Tac-Toe

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You never get bored of this! Make sure you carry a clipboard to provide a hard surface to write on. Needless to say, carry marker pens along. A magic wipe slate notepad works even better.

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6. Join The Dots:

Road Trip Games For Kids - Join The Dots

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You can either print them online or create your own. This printable road trip games for kids are pretty engaging for them. Additionally they could color the completed image.

7. Magnetic Board Games:

Road Trip Games For Kids - Magnetic Board Games

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If your kids are a little grown up and need something intellectually stimulating, then a magnetic chess board is just right for them. But kids who are too small to play chess could carry along a Rummikub board or other classic games like Snakes and Ladders or Ludo or Chinese Checkers that are also available on magnetic boards. Simply look online for a variety of entertainment boards available.

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8. Play-Dohs:

Road Trip Games For Kids - Play-Dohs

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They are an all-time favorite. I bet kids and grown-ups enjoy pulling out shapes on play dough equally well. Together they can make a great team. Just throwing a bunch of molds and dough is enough to keep kids occupied with some interesting shape-making.

9. Drawing Kit:

Road Trip Games For Kids - Drawing Kit

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A ride through the woods or the countryside naturally prompts kids to replicate the scenes on paper. To carry crayons and kids’ drawing kits is an unbroken ritual on any journey. Be it long or short distances, drawing is one of the best pass-time activities for children and it can be the best kids road trip ideas too. All you need to do is let their imaginations fly high.

10. Provide Map And Travel Journal:

Provide Map And Travel Journal

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Give your kid a travel journal and the map of the destination you are heading, information, and images of the destination. Encourage her to read the map and travel journal and learn more about the destination. The journal will boost her curiosity and knowledge. (2)

11. Make Your Chronological Puzzles:

Pull out picture boards. Each might have a story to tell. Now make cut-outs from the pictures and mix them up randomly. Each of the players must arrange the images in the chronological order of the story.

12. Have Surprise-Bags:

Wrap some surprise goodies for the little ones. Pull them out each at different stations. You could also ask them to unwrap the surprise toys or games at each stop. They will be excited at the very prospect of unwrapping them! Or you could even give them away as prizes for winning their game!

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13. Activity Books:

These virtually carry an entire world in them. Good enough to keep children away from pestering you!

14. A Joke Contest:

See who tells the maximum number of jokes. The winner gets a bonus goodie.

15. Story-Telling:

Keeping audio story CDs apart, try getting your kids to create their own stories. Look for who has a creative edge over the other. ;)

16. Collect Souvenirs:

Road Trip Games For Kids - Collect Souvenirs

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Souvenirs are to remain for life for a wonderfully memorable road-trip. They can be very informative to children, especially if they are artifacts carrying much history behind them!

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17. Kindle Fire:

Load your Amazon Kindle with numerous free, children’s applications and children’s storybooks and give the Kindle to your little one when on the go. Encourage her to explore the Kindle. She will enjoy playing a variety of puzzles, scrabble, and kid’s games, and reading popular children’s books.

18. Alphabetathon:

This is colloquially called the ‘Name Place Animal Thing’ game in few countries. Choose a letter and jot down a name, a place, an animal and a thing starting with the letter within 45 seconds. There must be no matching names, or you lose half the points. If you leave a spot nil, you gain a zilch. You could also play variants like Scattegories.

19. Quizzes:

Another excitingly educative road trip ideas for kids. You could help kids learn the names of the states, their capitals, unique features and their history as you drive.

20. Handicrafts:

Don’t dump the chocolate wrappers and aluminum-foils. Ask kids to come up with a cute craft out of them. How about something as big as a gladiator’s helmet or a cute little flower? But make sure they keep the car tidy. You might want to carry your kids’ stationary kit along to accomplish this.

21. Mobile Apps:

How could this be left behind? Our naturally tech-savvy kids love to stay glued to their video games and phone apps. Don’t forget to download their favorite ones!

A road-trip can be fun with all these activities, as they can make it more pleasurable. Prepare compact bags for each member who is carrying their personal essentials including hand-towels to basic medicines to extra clothing. Some children get carsick – so don’t forget to carry disposable bags for them. Energy drinks and flasks of tea or coffee are good to keep you alert while driving. All this will require some good amount of homework, but it is all worth a pleasant journey.

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