10 Essential Tips To Follow While Travelling With Your Baby

Travelling With Your Baby

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Are you planning a trip or going on a vacation with your baby? Well, traveling with a baby surely is a difficult task. But it is not as bad as it actually sounds. All you need to do is mentally prepare yourself, plan ahead and have an idea of what to pack when traveling with your little one. You have just a few simple steps to follow and things to remember before embarking on that exciting getaway.

10 Essential Tips To Follow While Travelling With Baby

Your baby’s comfort during the travel is important. Hence, you will have to plan more for him than for yourself. It’s always best to set your plans around your baby. Here are 10 useful tips you have to follow when traveling with your baby.

1. Plan It:

Make sure you are well planned for the trip. Check if the travel tickets are ready and hotel room booked. If you are traveling by road you need to have all the necessary things handy that your child might need on the way. Your car should have a baby seat that is comfortable with a safety belt. Prepare your itinerary with your baby’s schedule in mind, like their sleeping hours, their play time, etc.

2. Be Flexible:

You should plan well, but you still do not know how your child will like his or her surroundings during the journey. You might have to change plans or timings of your visits according to new schedule of the baby. Small things like having an early dinner will help your baby in settling better. More importantly, you will have more room, thus helping your baby, relax a little.

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3. Something Old, Something New:

It is a truly effective rule for the journeys including babies. Carry some old favorite toys that your baby just loves playing with .If your baby is not in mood and is not letting you enjoy, distract him or her with toys. Just hand the new toy to your baby and see how he gets busy exploring it rather than fussing.

4. Clothes and More Clothes:

Pack extra set of clothes for your baby. Carry extra handbags or a backpack. You might want to add extra layers on your baby if travelling to cold weather. Remove or add layers on the go according to change in the temperature. Always keep extra clothes handy irrespective of the weather, so that you have some backup for emergencies.

5. Doctor’s Advice:

Listen to your doctor on what she has to say about your travel plans. Your doctor may advise you from prohibiting traveling in certain weather conditions considering at your child’s health status. You will be advised to carry extra medicines for unforeseen emergencies that you have to comply with. You never know how your baby will react to the new environment.

6. Extra Bag:

With baby in your arms make sure you carry an extra bag. You will want a bag that is light in weight and easy to carry around everywhere with you. Your extra bag is loaded with all the things that your baby might need.

7. Set the Room:

It is advised that as soon as you reach your destination, unpack your baby’s things. Try and make the surroundings more comfortable for your baby. They are more likely to relax in homely surroundings. Make your hotel room look more cozy and domestic, not to forget child friendly!

8. Nap Sittings:

You and your spouse might have to plan nap sittings. Babies get cranky when exposed to the new environment. They might get off their schedules and sleep only when extremely tired. To soothe your baby, you should plan breaks where in you get back to your room and let your little one settle and sleep.

9. Pick Ideal Baby Destinations:

When you plan to travel with baby, try to include scenic destinations or peaceful places in your itinerary. Go for a calm drive or walk around these places, so that you can spend some time with your spouse and let your baby enjoy simultaneously. Calm and peaceful surrounding help soothe babies. After all, your baby is on his vacation too.

10. The Checklist:

Yes, keeping a checklist always saves. You will have to make sure that you carry anything and everything, while traveling with baby. You know what your child likes and what his routine is, hence pack what you think are required. However, you should prepare for the contingencies as well. It is not easy to imagine what you might need, so pack some more of everything.

A typical baby travel checklist will necessarily have the following:

  • Lots of Diapers
  • Handy plastic utensils
  • Sipping cups and feeding bottle
  • Throw away bags
  • Zip pouches
  • Tissues, paper towels and wipes
  • Medicines, baby creams and lotions
  • First aid kit
  • Baby slings
  • Strollers and/or cribs
  • Milk bottles and light snacks
  • Lots of toys
  • Extra clothes
  • Pacifiers
  • Pillows and blankets

A blissful trip with your baby comes from appropriate planning and thoughtful packing. It is just not possible to go for an unplanned trip with a baby. There are a lot of things that you need to take care of.

Your infant is precious. He will find it hard to respond to new surroundings like you do. He might get irritable and cry a lot. Be prepared for a few setbacks and expect things not to be smooth. Simple things like making the situations convenient as per your baby’s need helps. Do not include places that might pose any kind of danger to the health of your child. Enjoy and let him enjoy too!

Don’t forget to share your memorable experiences of travelling with baby with us in the comment section below.

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