8 Fine And Gross Motor Activities For Preschoolers/Toddlers

Fine And Gross Motor Activities

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Are you planning to introduce your toddler to some interesting play activities? Wouldn’t you prefer activities that will help tune his fine and gross motor skills? If you were looking for some activities that include fine and motor skill development, then look no further. Read our post and learn some fun and easy fine motor activities for toddlers here.

8 Fine And Gross Motor Activities For Toddlers Or Preschoolers:

Here are eight fine motor skills for toddlers or preschoolers, that you can incorporate into your little one’s daily routine:

4 Fine Motor Activities:

1. Stacking Blocks:

Stacking Blocks

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Using simple playing blocks will help to develop his fine motor skills.

  • You can start by giving him four to five blocks or at the most six. Help him stack the towers one over the other and make a block.
  • The stacking blocks activity will help your toddler control fine muscle movements in the fingers and hands. It will also improve his concentration.

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2. Reading Thick Board Books:

Reading Thick Board Books

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Reading thick board books is a great way to mix fine motor skill activity with the joy of reading.

  • Get interesting board books for him with large print and bright colors.
  • Sit with him and help him leaf through the thick pages. Lifting and turning the hard pages will help your toddler strengthen his fine motor skills.

3. Using Large Crayons To Color:

Using Large Crayons To Color

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All children love coloring and toddlers are no exception.

  • Get large coloring crayons that he will be able to grasp easily. Make sure the colors are non-toxic and only let him use them only when you or your partner are present.
  • Let your toddler color and scribble freely on a plain white paper.

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4. Play Dough With Tree Sticks:

Play Dough With Tree Sticks

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Play dough is a fun way to teach your toddler about basic fine motor skills.

  • Get some toddler-friendly play dough that is non-toxic. Take your toddler to the outdoor and ask him to collect a bunch of stems and sticks.
  • Let your toddler roll up the dough and sit down with the sticks. He has to place the sticks one by one in the dough.

4 Gross Motor Activities:

1. Simple Music And Dance:

This is one of the interesting fine motor skills activities for toddlers. There is nothing more fun for your toddler than to dance freely to some music.

  • Switch on some music with beat and rhythm. It could be a favorite nursery rhyme, a favorite song or even something that you and him could sing together.
  • Let him dance and swing his arms and kick his legs and nod his head. It is a good way to exercise and have fun while encouraging some gross motor activity.

2. Follow The Leader:

Why not try out a game of follow the leader where you play the leader, and your toddler follows?

  • Stand in the room and ask him to do the same.
  • Do anything you want to do, as long as you feel he will be able to copy you and follow the same. Flap your arms, turn around, hop on a leg, wiggle your body and ask him to do the same too.

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3. Hop Skip And Jump:

Hopping, skipping, and jumping are fun activities that your toddler will love to do over and over again.

  • Make space for him if you plan to do these activities inside. Ensure the surface is clean and there is nothing lying around. In case you are doing this as an outdoor activity, make sure the place is safe.
  • Start hopping, skipping and jumping randomly and encourage him to do the same.

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4. Painting With A Ribbon:

Of course, he loves to paint, so why not add a twist to it and make it a wonderful gross motor activity?

  • Get a jar of paint and a ribbon. Place a white cardboard at a distance.
  • Ask your toddler to dip the ribbon in the paint and then throw it at the cardboard. Your toddler has to try and hit the cardboard with the ribbon as many times as possible.

Use these simple and fun indoor gross motor activities for toddlers to enhance their skills. Do you know any other toddler fine motor activities that can help? Do share it here in the comments.

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