First Trimester Diet - 5 Essential Foods You Should Include!

First Trimester

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Pregnancy is a joyous journey. It is full of excitement, happiness, and anxiety. Yes, pregnancy is a roller coaster ride. But when you get off the ride, you get to take your baby home!

You and your partner are in this journey together. But the physical work is up to you. And you need to be ready for the long haul. To get your body ready to house a new life, you need to eat right. Read to know more about what you should consider eating in your first trimester diet here.

Eating For Two?

The weeks following your positive pregnancy test are the hardest. You are happy, yet the things to come may seem a little frightening. As the hormones start to rush through your body, you will realize that pregnancy is a life changing experience. And at no time will you feel it more than in the first trimester.

But there is one thing about pregnancy you need to unlearn. The myth that you need to eat for two during pregnancy needs to be buried for good. Yes, there’s a little life inside you. But you don’t need to double your food intake to sustain that life.

You need to up your calorie intake by 300 during the first trimester. Along with the additional calories, you need to ensure you are getting all the nutrients too. But when morning sickness strikes, the mere sight of food can make you throw up. Fortunately, your baby is still tiny, and you don’t need to worry about weight gain just yet. But that doesn’t mean its okay to starve. Women with low BMIs are 72% more likely to miscarry in the first trimester. But you can prevent it by eating healthy and taking supplements as prescribed by your doctor (1).

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What Should You Eat During Your First Trimester Diet?

The bottom line is healthy and comforting. You need to eat healthy food that appeals to your fragile taste buds. A healthy diet has all the nutrients your body and your baby needs. What you eat in the first trimester can have a huge impact on the bone mass of your baby. (2)

Here’s a guide to help you plan your first trimester diet:

1. Fruits:

You need at least 3-4 servings of fruit a day. Take fresh fruits instead of the canned variety, if you can. Fruit juice is a good option, but whole fruits are better. Don’t forget to add one fruit rich in vitamin C.

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2. Vegetables:

Add 3-5 servings of vegetables a day. You can include broccoli, kale, spinach, carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, winter squash, corn, yellow peppers, tomatoes, and red peppers.

3. Dairy Foods:

Make sure your diet has at least three servings of dairy food every day. Your body needs calcium to help your baby grow and to keep your bones strong. Dairy foods are a great source of calcium. Milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, etc. are all good options. If you are lactose intolerant, try calcium-fortified soymilk.

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4. Protein:

You’ll need 2-3 servings of protein each day to meet your body’s growing needs. Lean meats, poultry, fish, eggs, beans, lentils, nuts, etc. are all good source of healthy protein.

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5. Whole Grains:

Your first-trimester diet needs to include three servings of whole grains each day. Whole grain products like cereals and breads provide fiber that your body needs during pregnancy.

Along with these, make sure you are taking all the prenatal vitamin supplements you need. If you haven’t started yet, ask your doctor to prescribe one for you.

Now that you know what to eat during pregnancy, let’s find out what you should avoid.

Foods To Avoid During First Trimester Of Pregnancy:

Not everything is suitable to be a part of your first trimester diet. Here are the foods you should avoid (3):

  • Seafood High In Mercury
  • Undercooked Meat, Poultry, And Eggs
  • Unpasteurized Foods
  • Unwashed Fruits And Vegetables
  • Excess Caffeine
  • Herbal Tea
  • Alcohol
  • Processed Food
  • Junk Food (You can cheat once in a while!)

The first trimester is the first pit stop. You have many more hurdles to cross before you reach the finish line. You need stamina, strength, and energy to last the distance. Whenever the going gets tough, think what’s waiting for you at the end – Your baby! What more motivation do you need to eat healthily! So, discuss your diet plan for first trimester of pregnancy with your doctor. This list is just a pointer to a good first-trimester diet. You can alter it according to your body’s unique needs.

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And don’t forget your prenatal vitamins!

What are you eating in the first trimester? Are you getting all the required nutrients? Tell us in the comments section below!

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