10 Fun Activities To Liven Up Your Pregnancy Memories


Studies show that several expectant mothers across the world take their pregnancy too seriously. They remain cautious always following the Do’s and Don’ts, while forgetting to make the most of these memorable moments.

Pregnancy is not a disease. It is a time to celebrate life as it is now, and the life that’s going to be created once you deliver your baby.

10 Fun Physical Activities During Pregnancy:

You may probably have your share of discomforts at this time, but there are so many things that you can get involved into and forget your pains. Here are our top 10 fun pregnancy activities for you.

1. Indulge in Shopping:

With each passing trimester during your pregnancy, changes in your body and need for new comfortable dresses increases. Thus every month you can pamper yourself into buying different clothes as per your tastes and requirements. Besides, it can be fun to shop few things for your baby which you may require from day one.

2. Get Energetic:

Don’t become lazy during pregnancy. Anything from stationary bicycling to prenatal yoga to water aerobics is good for you. And you can never go wrong with walking. As always, consult your doctor for the best exercise suggestions to suit your fitness level.

3. Fantasize:

You can always daydream about your baby. You can also involve your spouse in this activity. It is fun when you visualize how your baby will look, and even start maintaining a journal! You can record your thoughts such as whose features will be more prominent in the baby and all such trifle arguments between you and your spouse, and read it to your baby later.

 4. Get a Makeover: 

You may feel low when you see your growing body during pregnancy. But there are ways by which you can still look smashing. You can wear different types of outfits which may lessen the impact of your weight gain, get a new hair style to turn more attention towards your face or go for a facial to get that fresh and glowing look. Make sure the clothes you wear aren’t too tight for you and your baby to breathe. Also ask the stylist or beautician about the chemicals before allowing them to apply upon your body, as these may cause skin irritation or other dermal effects.

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 5. Decorate Your Room:

Try to refurbish your bedroom and decorate it to mark the arrival of your baby. You can choose your favorite color to paint the walls. Add new space for your baby and make it as colorful as possible. You can also design the walls by fill them with picture frames to give a cheerful and lively look.

6. Go for Baby Moon:

Your cozy and intimate vacations with your spouse may soon become a dream. So get packing for a holiday with your spouse and make the most of those intimate moments. It might be last time that you and your spouse travel alone without that typical baby luggage.

 7. Sleep to Your Heart’s Content: 

This is the definitely the best physical activity during pregnancy. Once your baby is delivered you might realize that sleeping is a luxury, because it will never be possible to match your sleeping time with that of the baby. So try to enjoy as much relaxed sleep as you can. The more sleep you get, the better rested and peaceful you will feel.

8. Make New Friends:

Pregnant women usually like to interact with other expectant mothers. They enjoy sharing their experiences and learn from each other. At the same time the friendship can continue even after the babies are born. Schedule a meet up or join prenatal classes to find a preggie buddy!

9. You can be Creative: 

It is said that women get a creative streak while they are pregnant. You can try knitting or even crocheting and make something personalized for your baby. Some women also try to keep their memory live by clicking their pictures in different moods. When you look them after years you may certainly cherish such things.

10. Strengthen Your Bond with Your Mom:

If after marriage you have not been able to spend enough time with your mom, then now is the time to do. Spend some quality time with her and enliven your bond. You can rejuvenate your childhood memories by talking to her.

As you can see, the 9 months break can be one long holiday to your heart’s content, if you decide to be positive and spend your time not worrying but living it up with your near and dear. So, start enjoying by indulging in these physical activities during pregnancy for active baby.

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