10 Fun Summer Games And Activities For Kids


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Summer holidays are just around the corner and soon enough, your little naughty child will be running around the home, making enjoyable mischief and an adorable nuisance of himself, and asking you to ‘play’ with him 24/7. So what do you do?

It’s the summer vacation, and apart from the blistering heat, your kids will have hours and hours of free time. School’s closed for the summer and they don’t have any homework.

Here, we list some creative and inexpensive summer activities for kids that will keep you and your kids busy. Read closely because these summer games and activities require time, patience, and a few detailed steps.

Summer Games And Activities For Kids:

Here we’ve bought you the 10 best fun summer activities for kids at home. These can enhance his creativity and will keep him busy for a couple of hours as well- just what you wanted!

1. Outdoor Twister:

Summer Activities For Kids - Outdoor Twister

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You Will Need:

  • A pizza box or any cardboard
  • A craft knife
  • A large bowl
  • A pen
  • Red, blue, yellow, and white spray paint
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Two jars.

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How To:

  • Take the bowl and trace a circle on the lid of the pizza box or on the piece of cardboard you are using.
  • Cut the circle out with the craft knife and keep the newly made stencil with you.
  • To make a twister board, you will need 4 columns, one in each colour. Remember, each column should have 6 circles.
  • Get the spray paint, use your stencils, and get to work!

Since you don’t have the Twister spinning board, you can create one!

  • Make slips of paper that read “right foot” “right hand” so on and so forth. These will go in one jar.
  • In the other jar, make more slips of paper that read the different colours.
  • Just pick slips form both jars and let the games begin!

If you’re worried about the grass, don’t be. The paint is harmless, and the colored grass will grow out within 2 weeks.You should definitely try this summer activities for kids at home.

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2. Know Your Constellations:

Summer Activities For Kids - Know Your Constellations

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Get the starlit sky to your kids bedroom, by making a jar of constellations!

You Will Need:

  • A jar with a wide mouth (it needs to fit a small click light inside)
  • A click light
  • A cake pan
  • An awl
  • A silver marker
  • Scissors

How To:

  • Cut a strip of the cake pan so it’s long enough to fit around the inside of the jar. The strip must be tall enough to reach the top of the jar.
  • Take the awl to poke holes in the form of constellations. Hercules, The Big Dipper, Orion, and more – take your pick!
  • Connect the dots with a silver marker so the constellations are more visible.
  • Roll the aluminium sheet so it fits snugly inside the jar.
  • Turn the click light on, place it inside the jar, and cover with the lid.

Use it as a night light for your little one; they will be amazed! Plus this will help them with their science knowledge.

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3. Life Size Playhouse:

Summer Activities For Kids - Life Size Playhouse

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Kids love copying their parents by playing in the kitchen, and even pretending their dolls are babies. Want to really make them feel like adults? Build them a cardboard playhouse!

You Will Need:

  • Cardboard in various sizes
  • Some cardboard tubes
  • Cutting knife/box cutter
  • Strong tape
  • Colored markers and other decorating products

How To:

  • Decide how tall and wide the house will be and how easily your child will fit, so make sure you have enough cardboard for the height, width, and roof.
  • Start off with setting up a basic structure with four corners.
  • Use the cardboard tubes by attaching them to the corners.
  • Then add the roof to finish the basic structure of the playhouse!
  • Start working on any additions you want inside the house such as a kitchen.
  • Using markers, draw other features according to your kid’s preference.

4. Easy Cupcakes:

One of the best ideas to keep an active, growing kid involved is to get him into the kitchen and explore cooking. Pick up a simple recipe for a batch of homemade cupcakes on the internet and get your kid along to help you. Ask him to mix the batter, pour it into the cake moulds and best of all- decorate it using chocolate chips, sprinkles and other tit bits.

5. Fun Greeting Cards:

These are a must for every occasion. From birthday parties to wedding anniversaries, and what could be better than getting your kid at work and whip up some cool greeting cards himself. Best of all, no one will even mind if it’s not perfect… it’ll be the cutest thing ever!

6. Clay Modelling: 

This is another great summer activity for kids that will keep them engrossed during the holidays. Get some blocks of different colored clay and ask your kid to mould them into different shapes using his fingers: flowers, animals, cartoon characters or whatever comes to his imagination let him make!

7 Outdoor Games:

These are a must among growing kids, because these help them stay active and energetic. Discourage the use of tablets, laptops and TVs to play games and take your kid out to play with the Frisbee, hula hoop or a simple throwball.

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8. Stamp-Art:

Pick up some simple rubber stamps from your nearby craft store, some homemade paint, and get your kid ready to get his hands messy. You can also create homemade stamps using potatoes and then ask your kid to create some wonderful invites or simple creations using it!

9. Paper Craft:

Currently the DIY world is buzzing because of this beautiful craft from papers. There are practically a million options involved when it comes to using paper to create useful stuff. Visit your local craft store and pick up some basics, and spread them out in front of your kid and watch how he creates wonders!

10. Junior Gardening: 

Landscaping is another stimulating activity that helps your kid stay in touch with the nature. Allow him to explore his green thumb; pick up a simple picture gardening book from the store and a few seeds and explain your little kid the step by step process of planting and watering a plant.

11. Customized Tee: 

Customizing what he wears is bound to get your kid all excited and happy. Simply grab few fabric paints and a plain white tee, and trace out a quick, cute design onto it using a pencil. Now ask your kid to paint on the tee using the pencil marks as the guidelines, and after it dries up, your kid can flaunt it!

12. Homemade Kitchen Magnets:

Look up the recipe of quick dough online, and mould it into the shape you like. Now get your kid to press a simple magnet to the backside of the dough and paint it as per his creativity- now bake it in the oven till it turns hard, and voila, you’re done!

13. Glitter Madness:

You’ll be amazed at what few packs of synthetic glitter can do! Purchase good quality glitter in different colors, and think some good ideas put it to work. You can ask your kid to cover up a simple empty tin with glitter in different swirly patterns and use it as a pencil holder… there are a million things you can do with glitter! As always, closely monitor your kid when he handles all the materials used in the above-mentioned activities.

Young kids can get into mischief in the blink of an eye, so it is imperative to provide constant adult supervision when they are playing. Happy play time with your darling! Do share more fun ideas for summer activities for kids with us in the comment section below.

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