10 Fun Holiday Crafts Your Toddler Will Love To Do

Holiday Crafts

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The holidays are probably one of the most awaited times of the year. While you may be busy decorating the house and preparing for the coming over of friends and families, there is a lot your toddler can help you with.

Yes, we are talking about letting your toddler create some beautiful holiday crafts for display around the house!

Here are some of the most interesting, yet easy holiday crafts for toddlers, that can make this holiday season a memorable one. Be sure to be around or see that some adult is supervising your toddler while making these crafts.

1. Trick Or Treat Little Feet:

The holiday season pretty much begins around Halloween, so it is perfect to get your toddler started with a Halloween craft.

You Will Need:

  • A surface of your choice, could be paper or wooden board
  • Paints in different colors
  • Paint brush

How To:

  • Coat your toddler’s feet in white color.
  • Imprint this on the surface.
  • Help create the eyes and nose to give a ghostly appearance.
  • Create as many impressions as you want.
  • Help your toddler write a cute message along with it.

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2. Snowman On The Door:

Why just go for a small snowman when your toddler can use his bedroom door as his canvas?

You Will Need:

  • Black and orange craft felt
  • Pair of safety scissors
  • Glue
  • Decorative paper
  • Fairy lights

How To:

  • Help your toddler cut out black circles and an orange triangle from the felt.
  • Help your toddler glue these on the door to make the eyes, nose, mouth and buttons.
  • Help your toddler glue the decorative paper to create a scarf.
  • Help decorate the snowman using fairy lights.

3. Cute Feet Snowmen:

What could be cuter than seeing your toddler’s feet as a snowman!

You Will Need:

  • A surface, could be paper or any other stronger one like a wooden board
  • White paint and paint brush
  • Sketch pens in different colors

How To:

  • Dip your toddler’s feet in white paint and create imprints to make the body of the snowman.
  • If you have children of different age group, try and create imprints of all sizes on the same surface.
  • Help your toddler draw and color the snowman’s eyes, nose, mouth, scarf and hat.
  • Help your toddler make some designs on the surface.

4. Paper Plate Snow Globe With Snowman:

Your toddler will love creating and seeing this beautiful snow globe.

You Will Need:

  • Two clear plastic plates of the same size
  • White paper or felt
  • Sketch pens
  • Black felt
  • White paint and paint brush
  • Glitter in silver
  • Pair of safety scissors
  • Glue
  • Cotton

How To:

  • Help your toddler cut out figures of a snowman and snowflakes.
  • Help color the eyes, nose, mouth, hat, scarf and buttons.
  • Help glue these on the inside of a clear plate.
  • Help glue cotton at the bottom to create snow.
  • Help sprinkle glitter.
  • Put the other clear plate on top and glue it together.
  • Help cut out a base using black felt.
  • Help write out a cute snow themed message.
  • Glue the snow globe over this.

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5. Handpaint Reindeer Ornaments:

These cute ornaments will spruce up your tree.

You Will Need:

  • Chart paper in light shade
  • Brown paint
  • Paint brush
  • Wiggly eyes
  • Red pom pom balls for nose
  • Glue
  • Red ribbon

How To:

  • Paint your toddler’s hands in brown.
  • Take the imprints on the chart paper.
  • Help cut out around the imprints.
  • Help your toddler paint a border around the imprint using brown paint.
  • Help stick the wiggly eyes and nose.
  • Make a hole on the top of the imprints and loop the ribbon through.

6. Footprint Glitter Ornament Or Lamp:

This is one of the interesting holiday activities for preschoolers that can be made on a simple ornament or even on a lamp.

You Need:

  • A plain ornament or lamp
  • Glitter glue
  • Paintbrush

How To:

  • Paint your toddler’s feet with glitter glue.
  • Imprint this on the ornament or lamp.
  • Wash off your toddler’s feet immediately.

7. Felt Christmas Tree Stick On:

This is a great way to teach your toddler about colors and shapes.

You Will Need:

  • A big chart paper in green
  • Felt in different colors
  • Glue
  • Pair of safety scissors
  • Velcro strips

How To:

  • Cut out a big triangle from the green paper.
  • Help your toddler glue this on the wall.
  • Cut out different shapes from the different colored felt.
  • Add small Velcro strips behind each shape.
  • Let your toddler fill up the tree by sticking the shapes on it.

8. Family Handprint Christmas Tree:

This is one of the fun filled holiday activities for toddlers Join your toddler in this beautiful family craft.

You Will Need:

  • A surface
  • Green paint and paint brush
  • Glitter color in yellow
  • Brown sketch pen

How To:

  • Let the entire family paint the hands in green.
  • Imprint these on the surface.
  • Make sure the pattern resembles a Christmas tree.
  • Help your toddler make a star on the top with the glitter.
  • Help make a tree trunk at the bottom using brown.

9. Picture Wreath:

This is a great way to help your toddler recognize all family members.

You Will Need:

  • Pictures of your family and relatives
  • Board pins in red
  • Red ribbon

How To:

  • Help your toddler sort through the pictures and pick favourites.
  • Help pin these together in a wreath shape.
  • Loop the ribbon through and hang it up.

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10. Footprint Christmas Tree:

This cute Christmas tree will remind you how tiny your baby was. Try out this exciting holiday crafts for preschoolers.

You Will Need:

  • A surface
  • Green paint
  • Paints in different colors
  • Paint brush

How To:

  • Color your toddler’s foot in green and take the imprint.
  • Let your toddler decorate this Christmas tree using different paints.

These cute holiday crafts for toddlers will not only engage them, but also teach him the various rituals and celebrations associated Christmas. Tell your toddler some Christmas stories and how you celebrated when you were a kid.

While some of these holiday craft ideas for toddlers will surely brighten up your home, few will stay on with you forever, as precious keepsakes.

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