7 Fun Loving Outdoor Activities & Games For Your Toddlers


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Toddlers are a funny lot. They are at an age where they get bored quickly, and too young to be left alone to play. As a parent, you need to make sure that your toddler is never left unattended. With a short attention span and a widely growing curiosity, keeping a toddler entertained is quite a task.

So how can you, as a parent, keep your growing toddler entertained?

7 Fun Outdoor Games For Toddlers:

Here are a few fun outdoor activities for toddlers, that will let your toddler have fun, and keep them occupied.

1. Play Hopscotch:


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Regular hopscotch can only be entertaining for so long. Make it interesting by adding shapes.

  • You can start with a caterpillar, and add on circles for as long as your toddler wants.
  • You can make it even more fun by timing it.
  • Get creative and add antennae and eyes to the caterpillar.
  • A bunch of kids can be kept involved in this game for a good amount of time.

2. Soap It Up:


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Fill a bucket with water and add some no-tears shampoo to create foam. You can also add in a few drops of bubble bath gel for added fun.

  • Throw in some sponges and let the toddler have fun cleaning their bicycles, scooters and other favorite rides. Water is always a fun element.
  • After sufficient fun of scrubbing, allow her the access to the water hose.
  • You can easily engage a toddler for half a day with this activity.
  • Since she gets a good workout, she is bound to get tired and sleep better.

3. Hit The Road:

This is a fun activity and can inculcate urge of discovery, expedition and curiosity in the kid.

  • Make little cards with direction arrows on them.
  • Walk out with your kid and every time you hit a cross road, let him choose the direction with the cards.
  • You can make it more fun by asking him to guess what he might encounter on the way.
  • Some examples can be a puppy, an ice-cream corner, a banyan tree and the like.
  • You can also make this a nature walk by collecting things on the way – a leaf, a pebble, dried twigs, feather etc. and stick them up in a scrap book.

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4. Bear It:

This is the best outdoor activity for toddlers that can be played in your garden.

  • Be the sneaky bear. Let your toddler choose three of her favorite items, and take them with her to her blanket.
  • Ask her to pretend to be asleep while a sneaky bear, you, steals away one of the items, say, the candy truck.
  • Once it’s safely hidden, the toddler has to find the hidden object.
  • This helps the toddler be active, and also, the interaction with the surroundings is always an added bonus.

5. Mud Up:


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This is by far the most favorite activity of all toddlers.

  • Select a safe place and assemble with the garden play set.
  • Help your toddler by digging the soil initially.
  • Let her follow your lead as you add water and soften the soil.
  • Dig more and engage the kid too.
  • In no time, you’ll have enough mud to make models with.
  • Create simple shapes.
  • Use items to make moulds.
  • Take care to make sure that your toddler isn’t eating the mud though.

6. Hoopla Time:

Running is one of the most loved activities of a toddler.

  • Turn it into a full blown fun activity by placing hooplas all along.
  • Ask your toddler and his friends to jump in and out of hoopla every time they come across one.

7. Grow A Garden:


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Instill the love of nature in your child from a young age.

  • Start slow by making a little garden
  • You can use a toy bucket for a tiny herb.
  • Let the toddler be involved in the process of making the perfect soil, the burying of seeds.
  • Let him water it every day.
  • When the toddler marvels at the beauty of the first growth of the herb, it will all be worth it.

These are some fun and educational ways of keeping your toddler engaged outdoors. Have you practiced any of these outdoor games for toddlers yet? Share with us your exciting experiences:

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