3 Fun Memory Games For Your Toddler

Memory Games For Your Toddler

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Are you trying to increase your toddler’s memory power? Do you want to try out interesting and easy activities that will help him sharpen his memory? Is your toddler excited about simple games that also teach him something along the way? If you nodded along in agreement, you should read our post. Here we talk about three super-fun memory games for toddlers.

1. Find The Missing Item:

You Will Need:

  • Small pots and plastic bowls
  • Measuring cups
  • Deli containers
  • Different objects from around the house
  • A cloth that can completely cover the object

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How To:

  1. Select any three objects at random and show them to your toddler.
  1. Let your toddler name them. Now, ask him to tell you the color and the size of the objects, whether they are big, medium or small.
  1. Ask questions like is one object bigger than the other? Are the objects same and if yes, how are they same? Are the objects different, and if yes, how are they different?
  1. Ask him to cover his eyes. You can say something like close your eyes and I will cover one of these objects. You have to tell me which object I have hidden. Use a cloth to cover any one item from what you showed your toddler earlier. Now let your toddler open his eyes. In case he has trouble telling you which is the missing one, you can help out with some prompts. Tell your toddler about the ones that are still there and then ask him to remember what all was there earlier. It will give him a clue about which object is now not there. If your toddler still cannot answer, uncover the object.
  1. Let your toddler take the next turn and make an incorrect guess when it’s time for you to guess. It will prompt your toddler to get excited and tell you what it is that he has hidden.
  1. As your toddler gets better at the game, you can increase the number of objects from three to four and more later.

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2. Concentration Or Memory Game:

You Will Need:

  • A standard deck of cards – you can get them as per your toddler’s age. Instead of regular cards, you could also use memory cards or flash cards or learning cards that are suitable to his age.

How To:

  1. Select some pairs of cards that will be suitable for your toddler’s age.
  1. Shuffle the cards and then spread them out with the face side down on the table or mat. Place them between the players. You can lay them out in a grid or in any random way. Make sure you place them in such a way that it is easy for him to pick up.
  1. The players have to find the matching pairs of the cards.
  1. Let him pick a card and see what it is. Ask him to pick up another card and see both. He needs to put them back in the same place in case they do not match. Each player does the same and tries to remember where the matching pair was. The player who has the maximum pairs in the end is the winner.

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3. What’s Under The Cup:

You Will Need:

  • Paper cups
  • Small objects or treats in pairs to hide under the cups

How To:

  1. Place the objects on a table and cover each one with a cup.
  1. Now ask the players to come to the table and pick up a pair of cups at random. If the items inside match, the player can keep the cups and the items they found. If they do not match, they have to put the cups back the way they were and where they were. All players have to take turns to pick up the pair of cups and look at the objects. At the end of the game, the player who has the highest number of objects as pairs is the winner.

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Hope you liked our list of memory games for toddlers. You can play these toddler memory games easily with objects you find at home. Tell us which memory game for toddlers did you enjoy teaching most? If you have a suggestion for toddlers memory game, please tell us about it below. Leave a comment.

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