20 Fun Outdoor Games And Activities For Kids

Fun Outdoor Activities For Kids

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Do you want your kid to step outside and enjoy some real action rather than play some virtual games at home? Are you keen to find new outdoor activities and games that will make your kid’s summer vacation more fun?

Kids today live in an automated world and therefore there entertainment gets limited with indoor activities. An average kid spends 30 minutes outside while several hours in front of computer screen or television.

As a parent you should know that lack of physical activity can affect mental and physical growth of your child. Outdoor activities are not only fun but healthy too! So what are you waiting for, scoot your child outside!

Our List Of Top 10 Fun Outdoor Activities For Kids:

Whether they love to roll on mud, or play hopscotch, we have plenty of ideas to drag your kids out from the room. Here are 10 kids outdoor activities which would chase the bored blues away and keep your child active. Most of these activities are inexpensive and your kids can help you in setting up with their wildest imagination.

1. Painting:


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Painting gives your child an exposure towards art. There are many ways you can make your child’s painting experience fun.

  • Buy some spray bottle, and add some washable paint to it. Ask your child to get creative and wild with his imagination on a large poster board.
  • Let your child go for a nature hunt, with his friends if he wants, and paint his findings.

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2. Gardening:


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Gardening is a great way to develop new skills. They can learn about plants, flowers, insects, etc.

  • Make your kid build an organic garden for herself. Let your kid do the work from the start – planting, watering and weed pulling – all by himself or herself.
  • Help your child to make a garden with bright color flowers, to give it a beautiful rainbow look.

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3. Car Race:

Car Race

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You can fuel your kid’s mind and ignite his or her inner speed racer with a race track in your backyard.

  • Draw race tracks in your backyard and ask your kid to race all the cars he got. Add little tunnels too!
  • A little obstacle in the middle of the race track can make the race more exciting.
  • This way your child enjoys outdoor as well as learn more about cars. Don’t forget to share interesting facts about cars with your darling!

4. Football:


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Keep your kid engaged with this fabulous game. This outdoor game can be played depending upon the age of the participants.

  • Parents should keep a watch on their kids while they engage themselves in kicking and catching the football, so that your kids do not get injured.
  • Football provides a great way to keep children physically fit and strong.

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5. Bridge Ball:

Bridge Ball

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This is another interesting outdoor activity for kids, which you can play too! Here how it is played:

  • The target of the game is to pass the ball between the legs of an individual. Players are required to stand in a circle with wide straddle steps and hand on knees.
  • The ball would be thrown between legs of any player, before it passes through, players need to stop it.
  • Each time it passes through, a point is scored by the opponent. Remember, players must keep their hands on knees.

6. Hide The Ball:

Hide The Ball

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This game requires a small ping-pong ball. One player will hide the ball and return back to the game spot.

  • Others need to search the ball. If a player is close to the ball, the person needs to say “close” and if he is moving far, it should be said “far”.
  • The person that finds the ball will be the next to hide it.

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7. Pass The Ball:

Pass The Ball

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Players need to sit in a circle. They need to pass the pillow until the music stops.

  • The player holding the pillow while the music stops, is out.
  • Let the kids continue, until one kid is left as a winner.
  • This can be a wonderful party play for your kid’s birthday bash!

8. Hanky Game:

Hanky Game

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Make a circle with group of children; every individual needs to sit, except the one with the hanky.

  • The kid with the hanky needs to stay outside the circle and try to run round the players and drop the hanky behind someone without letting them know.
  • Then the player needs to race around the circle and get to that person’s position. If he gets caught, he needs to try again, or else the new person gets his turn.

9. Swimming:


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Every kid enjoys swimming. It is probably one of the most favorite outdoor entertainments which refresh and relax the mind and body.

  • Swimming is a life skill and also a good fitness regime to maintain all through life.
  • You can make it a daily habit to let your kid swimming and enjoy the moment.

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10. Cycling:


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Children love to cycle around their neighborhood. It is a simple activity and also good exercise.

  • Cycling gives them freedom and self confidence to roam around independently.
  • Plan your kid’s journey in a quiet road or woods to make it more adventurous.

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11. Clothesline Art Show:

  • Begin by letting your kids make some fun art pieces at home using basic paper and colors (crayons preferably).
  • Ask your kid to send homemade invites to friends and relatives who can visit the art show.
  • Hang up a clothesline in your backyard and keep it free of clothes.
  • Let your kid hang up his artwork on the clothesline with the help of clothes pegs. Your kid can also invite his friends to bring along their art and display it there.

12. Tug Of War:

Tug Of War

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  • Divide the kids into two teams.
  • Get a long piece of cloth or rope.
  • Draw a vertical line in the middle of a ground.
  • Ask each team to stand on either side of the line.
  • Once you blow the whistle, the teams have to hold the opposite ends of the rope and try to pull the other side to cross the line.
  • The team that manages to tug the other team to their side first is the winner.

13. The Elbow Tag Game:

  • Divide all the players into pairs but leave out one kid to be the ‘it’. The ‘it’ needs to chase the other kids.
  • Ask all the pairs to link up their elbows. Everyone has to come together and form a circle and leave a good amount of gap between each pair.
  • The ‘it’ has to run after a kid who is not linking his elbows with his partner. The other kid can go up to a pair and link his elbow with one of the kids. The ‘it’ has to chase another kid now. The ‘it’ has to catch hold of a kid before he can link with anyone.

14. Hula Hoop Freeze:

Hula Hoop Freeze

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  • Place several hula hoops all over the playing area.
  • One kid is the ‘it’ and has to tag the others. At your signal, the ‘it’ will start chasing the kids to tag them. Kids can hop inside the hula hoop to avoid tagging but can stay inside only till a count of ten. Only one kid is allowed inside each hoop.

15. Tail Tag:

  • All kids have to loop a handkerchief lightly through their pocket or belt to act as a tail.
  • The objective is to collect as many tails as possible from other kids while protecting your own.

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16. Paper Plate Balloons:

Paper Plate Balloons

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  • Hand a paper plate and an inflated balloon to each kid.
  • The kid who manages to keep the balloon afloat for the longest time by pushing it up with the help of a paper plate is the winner.

17. Capture The Flag:

  • Divide your kid and his friends into two groups.
  • Each team should have a marker or handkerchief that will be their flag.
  • One player from each team has to run to the other side and try to capture the opponent’s flag, without being tagged. If someone from the opponent team touches the player, the kid will have to remain in jail, till another player from his team comes and tags him.
  • The objective is to capture the opponent’s flag and have all your team players safely out of jail.

18. Find A Friend:

Find A Friend

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  • Blindfold all kids and ask them to find each other. Once they tag someone, the kids have to link their arms and find the rest.
  • Make sure you watch over the kids while they play this game.

19. Bat The Balloon:

  • Ask the kids to form two groups and make them sit down facing each other.
  • Hand one balloon per kid to one team. Make sure the members of the other team are holding a bat each.
  • The kids from the balloon team have to toss up the balloon with their hand and try to send it to the other side over the opponent’s heads. The kids with the bats have to try and hit the balloon before it passes over their head. The team with the maximum balloon score wins.

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20. Traffic Light Race:

Traffic Light Race

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  • Ask the kids to stand behind the start line to race. One kid is the caller.
  • When the caller says ‘green’ the kids have to keep moving towards the finish line. At ‘red’ all the kids have to stop moving. Kids who move at ‘red’ will have to return to the start line. The kid who reaches the finish line first wins.

These ten best outdoor games for kids that can be played along with his friends to make this summer holidays more enjoyable and memorable.

Do tell us which activity your kid loved the most in the comments box below.

It doesn’t matter what kind of activity you choose for your kid, but their willing participation boosts their mental health and physical fitness. We hope this article has given you tips to provide more opportunities for outdoor games for your kids.

If you know any other exciting summer outdoor activities for kids, do share your ideas with us.

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