20 Super Fun Winter Games And Activities For Kids

10 Super Fun Winter Activities For Kids

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With the Christmas bells ringing and New Year being around the corner, festivity is in the air. You can add some festive cheer and a lot of fun to your child’s winter breaks with a few activities. Activities help you explore your child’s creativity and enhance his knowledge. It also helps you both bond better over it.

Find out a few super fun activities for kids during winter that will make this holiday season a perfect family time.

20 Fun Winter Games And Activities For Kids

Here is our pick of the top 10 winter activities that will make the winter break truly memorable for your kid.

1. Fun With Snow:

Fun With Snow

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You can teach your kid to have a lot of fun with snow. Help him make a snowman or an igloo with snow. You can also make snow angels. You can throw snowballs at each other and have a great bonding and fun session. You can both indulge in sledding too.

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2. Skiing And Skating:

Skiing And Skating

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Other outdoor activities that are a hot favorite with kids are skiing and ice-skating. Your kid will enjoy this activity as it is fun and adventurous at the same time.

3. Decorating Your Home:

Decorating Your Home

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Winter season is a time for celebrations. Therefore, decorating your home would be topping your to-do list. Involve your child in decorating home. Help him come up with creative ideas for decoration. Help him get all the decorative items so that he can make his home sparkle with his creativity.

4. Bowling:


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Another great indoor winter activity for kids that can give some physical exercise is bowling. You can take him to a bowling center or a game parlor and have some fun together.

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5. Visiting A Zoo:

Visiting A Zoo

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Have some fun time planned for your kid by taking him to a zoo where he can observe and learn about different animals.

6. Visiting The Museum:

Visiting The Museum

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Help your child to develop his knowledge by taking him to a museum that has artifacts and historical souvenirs.

7. Craft-Making:


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Letting your kid make some craft on his own is an ideal way of bringing out the creative genius in him. Help him in making snowflakes, snowman and reindeer with paper. It can be a fun way of introducing him to popular Christmas symbols.

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8. Revamping Old Toys:

Revamping Old Toys

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The winter season often proves to be a season of gifts. Your child will have to do away with the old ones to make room for the new arrivals. So have your kid chalk out the toys that he would love to retain. Let him give them a new look by painting them or by giving them a new attire. It will bring back good old memories while he has fun with the toys. Let him discard the broken toys.

9. Painting:


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Give your child some time to express his thought through art. Stick a plain chart paper on his bedroom wall and give him some brush and colors to paint whatever he likes. You can also help him enjoy finger painting in the coziness of a warm room.

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10. Fun With Clay:

Fun With Clay

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Make your child play with clay imagining it to be cookie dough instead. Help him cut out shapes of all sizes by using a cookie cutter. Then help him make designs on the clay by pressing stamps on it. Punch a small hole on top. Ask him to paint it after drying it overnight. Hang this beautiful clay toy on a tree with the help of a thread that can pass through the hole.

11. Water Marbles:

Firstly, you have to purchase particular plastic-like balls (available online). Empty them into a large bowl and fill it up with water. After 4-6 hours, you’ll notice the balls turn marble sized and are ready for playtime. Here’s the cool part – in water, you can’t see them, and without water, they’re like gel balls. Cool, huh?

12. Hopscotch With A Twist:

Apart from being fun, the activity helps develop kids’ motor skills, color and shape recognition skills. Here’s what you have to do: cut six different recognisable coloured paper shapes, tape them to the floor, and tell your kids to jump and hop around a particular shape and colour. For example, you can say, “Hop towards the right until you find a yellow triangle.”

13. DIY Roads:

Those racetrack sets your kids are on about? Don’t spend a lot of money on a racetrack set with cars. Just buy a couple of cars! Use some colored tape to make roads on the carpet. The tape comes off easily, so don’t worry! To make it more interesting, you can add road barriers.

14. Camping:

Indoor camping is a classic and it doesn’t cost anything. If you have a tent, you don’t need anything else, if you don’t some sheets from the linen closet should do just fine.

15. Mini-Laser Field:

Use a ball of yarn and create a laser field. Tie the yarn around the staircase, doorknobs, pillars, and poles – you get the idea! Tell your little one to pretend they are laser beams and cross the room without touching them. This fun activity helps boost their motor skills.

16. DIY Bowling:

Take a soft ball, and set up some pins. Old plastic bottles, paper tubes, and toiler paper rolls make perfect pins. Let your little ones bowl away! The winner gets a cupcake.

17. Foam Dough:

A unique and fun activity is playing with “foam dough.” You’ll need food coloring, shaving cream, and cornstarch. Mix equal parts shaving cream and cornstarch, and then add the food coloring. Mix it well, and let the kids go nuts. They can make all kinds of things!

18. Milk Art:

To create a masterpiece with milk

You Will Need:

  • Full cream milk
  • Food coloring
  • Dish soap
  • A shallow dish
  • Cotton tips

How To:

  1. Add some milk to a dish
  2. Add food coloring to the milk
  3. Dip cotton tips into dishwashing liquid, and then dip them into the milk.
  4. You’ll notice that the colors mix quickly, as the fat in the milk reacts with dish soap!

19. Foot Painting:

Everyone loves bursting bubble wrap bubbles, even adults! However, it can turn into a fun activity for kids. Wrap their feet in bubble wrap, let them dip their feet into paint, and make them stomp on another sheet of bubble wrap to create some art! You can also use plain paper to see the ‘bubble’ effect.

20. Scavenger Hunt:

Let your little ones learn about the bottom of the food chain. Let them be scavengers! All you need to do is hide certain objects of a particular color or shape and ask your little ones to find where they are kept. Keep a basket for each color or shape. It’s a great way to enhance their learning!

Next time the weather isn’t in your favour, just remember these fun activities, and you’ll be good to go!

Hope this article will help you identify some of the best indoor and outdoor winter activities for kids.

If you have some more fun winter activities for kids, please share it here.

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