19 Funny Ways To Make Your Baby Laugh

How To Make A Baby Laugh

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Are you always waiting for that one smile from your little angel? Do you look forward to the moment when your darling rewards you with a bright smile that can beat all your blues away? You must be wondering how to make a baby laugh!

Your baby will love to know what is about to happen. Yes, babies smile in anticipation, and also at a lot of silly things. Read on to know more.

How To Make A Baby Laugh:

Here are some simple, silly, repetitive, easy, every day and funny things that can make your baby laugh out loud:

1. Keep It On Loop Mode:

  • One of the most amazing things that will delight your baby, even though it may make you feel exasperated, is to know what is about to come. Finding a pattern and understanding what is about to happen is an easy way to make your baby laugh out loud.
  • Follow that bedtime ritual of storytelling with actions. Roll your eyes, play around with your baby’s fingers, and make the voice variations.
  • Sing that song that your baby seems to love and sing it for the 100th time. Sing it when you are putting your baby to sleep, when you are giving your baby a bath, when your baby is eating and when you are playing with her. Singing the same song again and again is guaranteed to bring a smile on your baby’s lips.

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2. A Silly Dance:

  • How to make a baby laugh with a silly dance? It may look silly to you, but for your baby it is pure entertainment that will make him laugh with joy. Your dancing and jumping around will give you one loyal admirer.
  • Put on the music and flap your arms. Roll your eyes, roll your head, make those funny noises and just let go of all the inhibitions.
  • Your baby will most likely try to follow you, and that will make for some more laugh times, for both him and you.

3. Rub-A-Dub The Nose:

  • Did you know that cute little button of a nose that your baby has is a sure shot way of making him laugh?
  • Rub your baby’s tiny nose gently with your nose. It will tickle your baby enough to laugh out loud.
  • You can also play games like nibbling and gobbling up your baby’s nose for more giggles.

4. Peek-A-Boo:

  • Your baby will love seeing you hide behind those hands knowing that you are about to resurface soon. Rest assured, playing peek-a-boo will keep her entertained for hours.
  • Sit in front of your baby and tell him that mamma is going to hide. Hide behind your hands and make sure your baby can see where you are hiding.
  • Now slowly remove your hands and come out with a smile saying ‘boo’. Do it over and over again. Your baby will love this game.

5. Soft Toy Tickles:

  • Your baby will love playing with soft toys, but bringing them out to tickle him will be a laugh riot.
  • Get a soft, lightweight toy that your baby loves. Tickle him with it on his tummy.
  • Make it like a step-by-step thing, where your baby knows what is about to happen. Bring it close, do a small count, like ‘one, two and…three’. Then let the toy touch and tickle your baby’s tummy.

6. And It All Falls…Down:

  • Your baby will love seeing that little toy fall off your head, each time you attempt to keep it in place.
  • Pretend trying to hold on to things on your head but failing every time.
  • Take a small item, like your baby’s little booty, or a sock, or a toy that your baby loves, and place it on your head. Now try to hold it steady and show your baby what you are doing. Then say something like, ‘oh no, I think it is going to….all, fall, down’. Let the toy topple down, and you too can flop down on the bed. Your baby will laugh out loud each time you do this trick.

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7. Find That Sound:

  • Sometimes, your baby may just pick on a word you say and find it so funny that it brings out laughter. Keep your ears open to identify those sounds.
  • Make sounds and say words that you think your baby will find funny. You could also try to imitate other sounds like a dog bark, a cat meow, knocking of the door, chirping like a bird and more.
  • Any of these can catch your baby’s fancy and when it does, just keep repeating it anytime you want, to relive those laughter moments.

8. Tickle Fingers:

  • You may not even tickle your baby to get those laughs. Sometimes, seeing you getting ready to tickle him will be enough to make your little one laugh.
  • Bring your hands up and show them to your baby. Now say something like ‘now mamma is going to do the tickle tickle tickle’ and start wriggling your fingers as if you are about to tickle.
  • Bring your fingers close to your baby and tickle the toes and tummy to make your baby laugh. Chances are, the next time you start to do this your baby will already start laughing.

9. Softly Blow In The Ear:

  • Your baby will love the gush of wind that tickles his ear.
  • Bring your mouth close to your baby’s ear and slowly breathe into it. Make sure you do so gently.
  • Your baby will laugh at the tickly feeling it gives.

10. Munch Up That Neck:

  • Since you find your little bundle so adorable, why not do some munching?
  • Hold your baby in your arms and say you are about to munch on that neck.
  • Touch your baby’s neck softly with your lips and pretend to munch. Your baby will surely laugh out loud.

11. Play Up The Silly:

  • Babies at around nine months will come to know when something is awry. For example, if you put any object on her head, your little one will realize that there is something wrong and find’s it funny.
  • Try to put funny expressions by pulling your lips out, sticking your tongue out and making your eyes wider. Your baby will laugh out aloud.
  • You also laugh in response to make your baby continuously laughing.

12. Make Amusing Gestures:

  • Silly things like clapping, dancing and any other such gestures can make your little one laugh.
  • Try to make hand puppet sing and dance so that your baby will giggle at it.
  • Making humorous hand gestures will make your baby laugh. It is funny since your child will not expect them to happen.

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13. Physical Touch Along With Fun Noises:

  • Blow bubbles on your baby’s face or tummy and you will get her to laugh aloud. You can also try kissing her fingers or toes.
  • Chase your little one. If she is crawling, you also crawl after her. Keep smiling so that she will know it is a game.
  • Make her believe you are stealing her nose and show your thumb in between your fingers. She is going to giggle at it.

Some More Funny Ways To Make A Baby Laugh:

Here are some more simple tricks to make your baby laugh from head to toe:

14. Pets:

Children enjoy the company of animals. They can have fun with the animal’s fur. Whether a dog yawns or a cat meows, your baby would find it amusing. They playfully ride them or even pull their tails. If you don’t have any pets of your own, take them to a zoo or an aquarium to show them some animals.

15. Siblings:

Babies enjoy their time with their siblings or older children. Some of her sibling’s actions and play will make your baby laugh.

16. Zrbtt:

Zrbtt refers to the action where you make a fart sound by kissing and blowing at once. You can make it on the face which is also known as blowing raspberries. Babies enjoy such an action, and it is hilarious to them. You can blow raspberries on their belly or feet while changing their clothes.

17. Laughing:

Laughing is contagious. Sometimes we may laugh at a joke or a situation. Even the babies who learn from us will laugh.

18. Stretching:

While your baby is lying on her back, try extending her left leg and right arm away from her body. Now, get her right knee towards her chest and slowly move towards her left side. Repeat the same but with opposite limbs. This stretching will make her laugh out loud.

19. Make Her Grab:

Babies will be able to grab things when they are around four months. It is another easy way to make her giggle. You can hold something soft and colorful and allow your baby to reach out for it.

Hearing your baby laugh is one of the most amazing experiences you will have as a parent. Almost anything you do with your baby can bring out those peals of laughter. So go on and try out these ten ideas to amuse your baby and tickle his funny bone!

What makes your baby start laughing? Do tell other moms all about it.

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