Does Green Tea Help Boost Chances Of Getting Pregnant?

will green tea help me get pregnant

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It is natural for your frustration levels to increase when you fail to get pregnant despite repeated attempts. Supplementing green tea is a good idea, as it can actually help you conceive.

Green tea contains antioxidants that increase your chances of getting pregnant. However, there are no clinical proofs of green tea improving your fertility.

In fact according to some information, too much of green tea consumption is known to increase chances of neutral tube defects. Tannic contained in green tea is also known to increase chances of miscarriage. Thus, it is always better to seek advice of your doctor to consider how safe green tea for pregnancy.

Can green tea help you get pregnant? Study conducted by the Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program in California showed that women having one or more cups of green tea had doubled their chances of getting pregnant.

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Is Green Tea Good For Pregnancy?

Credit was given to the hypoxanthine and polyphenols in the tea that ensured greater number of viable embryos, better maturation and fertilization of oocytes. There are plenty of benefits associated with intake of green tea for pregnant woman, take a look:

1. Green tea is known to help maturing your eggs and make you all the more fertile.

2. Apart from increasing fertility in women, it is also known to increase male fertility among those suffering from the problem of low sperm count.

3. Regular tea contains high amounts of caffeine compared to green tea. Caffeine can have a lot of negative effects in your body especially when you are trying to get pregnant. Studies show that too much of caffeine actually intervenes with fertilization of eggs. This is not the case with green tea when taken in moderation.

4. Your body needs plenty of fluids called cervical mucus to help the sperm travel through your reproductive tract to reach the eggs and keep the sperm viable for five days. Green tea keeps you hydrated and prepares you to get pregnant easily.

5. Green tea is rich in polyphenols that helps destroying free radicals in your body. Free radicals can damage your DNA and increase chances of heart disease and cancer.

6. Green tea aids proper digestion. It can be helpful when you are suffering from stomach upsets.

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The Key Lies In Moderate Consumption:

Remember to consume green tea in moderation to enjoy the benefits completely. You must be aware of the fact that drinking too much of green tea may not be very beneficial for you.

Here are some of the effects you should be careful of:

  • Intake of too much green tea can reduce folic acid content in your body. Folic acid is vitally essential to support your fetal growth.
  • If you are a vegetarian, remember that too much of green tea can affect iron absorption in your body. It is very important that you have sufficient iron in your body to support your fetal growth.
  • While an average cup containing green tea has 20 mg of caffeine, regular tea contains around 50 mg of caffeine. Even though caffeine content in green tea is low, when consumed in excess it can lead to complications like low birth weight.
  • If you cannot do away with your morning cups of green tea, make sure to incorporate lots of veggies rich in folic acid.

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In case you have any concerns, you can talk to your doctor about your green tea intake in pregnancy. Do leave it on your doctor to decide what is good for you and what you should stay away from.

Hope by now you must have known is green tea good for pregnancy. Moms, share with us if drinking green tea actually helped you conceive in the comment section below. Your experiences may help those looking for valid information.

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