6 Harmful Effects Of Eating Junk Food During Pregnancy

 Junk Food During Pregnancy

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Are you a Mom-to be and can’t stop craving for junk foods? While it is normal to have cravings at this time, there’s a flip side to giving in to them!

Food craving is absolutely normal during pregnancy. With joint families becoming a thing of the past, there is no experienced watch tower to supervise the erratic food habits of a mom-to be. Junk food craving is the cause of concern – that Pizza or a doughnut or any other junk food-you name it!

Harmful Effects of Eating Junk Food During Pregnancy:

From the onset of your pregnancy to delivery, your baby and you are undergoing constant changes. Major are:

  • your weight
  • blood sugar levels
  • your blood pressure fluctuation
  • mood swings
  • food cravings!

The food you eat plays a major role in these changes. Read further to know what are the effects of eating junk food during pregnancy on you and your unborn child.

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1. Salt from Mayonnaise and Sauces: 

Without an extra blob of mayonnaise that Sub sandwich will not taste as good! But then, it has enormous amount of salt, which is not friendly to a fluctuating blood pressure. It could also cause swollen feet due to water retention in your body.

2. Absence of Whole Grain:

Fibre is a nutrient essential for energy and also aids in smooth bowel movements. The Sub, pizza base or doughnut does not have whole fibre – even if they claim to! So there are more chances of you having bouts of constipation.

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3. Rupture the Foetal Bag: 

During pregnancy, putting pressure on your bowel movements may rupture the fetal bag resulting in termination of the pregnancy.

4. Limited Nutrient Quotient:

 Junk food has limited vegetables or meat. The major portion of any junk food is the fattening, gooey less nutrient cheese. This affects the nutrient intake of the mom-to-be and her baby.

5. Sugar and Fat:

Many mom-to-be have a craving for nibbling chocolates at unearthly hours. High sugar food is known to cause irritation and mood swings. This could escalate your Blood pressure or even include gestational diabetes as a chain reaction.

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6. Mother to Baby:

Eating all the Fast food which is loaded with Fat, Sugar and Salt, rest assured it goes directly to the baby. They are born obese and with health disorders, and develop associated health disorders in their own growing years or later in life.

How to Stop Junk Food Cravings?

You are what you eat. So is your unborn baby. To make sure both of you get good nutrition, it is very important that you avoid fast food during pregnancy. Here we present you below some tips to tackle junk food cravings!

1. Clean your Larder:

Get rid of all junk food in the house and stock with healthy snacks, preferably organic. Opt for baked, rather than fried. Investing in an oven is a good idea, so that you can make tasty namkeen at home without preservatives and additives.

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2. Snack on Fruit n’ Nuts:

 They are so much better than artificially prepared munch bites you get from supermarkets. Have fruits and keep dry fruits handy to feed the crave in you. Always eat fruits as soon as you cut them, because they lose their nutrients soon.

3. Photo Therapy:

Put up a nice, huge picture of a curvy you, prior to pregnancy. The more you eat now, the harder you will struggle to get back to shape after delivery… there, that will surely make you strong enough to escape the lure of junk food.

4. Make Sensible Choices:

If you are really, really finding it hard to resist, then you can give in a little bit – but don’t make it a regular habit! Indulge in that pizza, opt for a single slice or. snack on a chocolate once a while, but don’t do all these at 2am every other day.

It is important that you have to keep a watch on what you want to eat. If you can’t, do enlist the help of a family member or a friend to keep you away from junk food.

What is your 2 a.m. food craving? Let us know!

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