Here Are 5 Secrets To Keep Your Baby Happy

Secrets To Keep Your Baby Happy

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Are you a tired parent seeking tips and tricks to keep your infant from crying? Well, if you didn’t know already, there are a lot of parents out there who would want this secret. Right from an elimination diet to the perfect schedule, ideal bouncy chair or meditation, the possibilities on these quirky solutions are endless. There may be times when your little one is crying out for medical assistance, however, that isn’t a norm. Babies usually cry when they need something. So what is it that they really need?

There is a sure shot formula to soothe your crying baby And where can you find it? The solution is carefully imbibed in the hearts of parents. All it takes is a careful love filled sight.

5 Tricks to Have a Happy Baby

It’s time to be a baby yourself, in your baby’s company!

As a parent, you would be forced to take spot decisions and question and bend your capabilities. Ask yourself, ‘How would you want your mom to respond if you were the baby?’ When you get in your baby’s shoes, you’ll definitely be able to respond better. If not being able to relish our childhood, you’ll at least be amazed to see how this reaction has the power to alter your outlook on the situation at hand. You might have a better control over your anger too. Many of you may have an urge to yell at the baby, but this isn’t going to help in the long run. Your child may simply end up feeling resistant.

Build a hierarchy of needs

Do you find yourself compromising on your needs or your spouse’s needs while your attention is focused on your baby? If you are happy, you are able to spread more of it around you?

So, never ever feel guilty of giving yourself the time and the pampering you rightly deserve.

If you have ever been to a baby talk session, the first thing you’ll be asked is,

‘How are you doing?’

this is because if the mum and dad are happy, the baby is going to be only happier. Give your spouse their well-deserved time as well.

Become the ‘wholesome’ mother

There are moms who seem simply happy about being a parent. This is more fondly known as attachment parenting. As a parent, you are required to work on the Baby B’s which is inclusive of – Baby wearing, Birth Bonding, Believing in the cries of your baby, and Breastfeeding

  • Baby Wearing – Babies who are normally carried close to the caregiver, be it in a sling, arms or any other carrier tend to be happier than the others. Try and carry your baby just as much as you can.
  • Birth bonding – As part of this, you ought to be with your baby as much as you can in the hospital. This involves time right from the birth to the discharge.
  • Believing in the cries of your baby – Crying is the only language your little one knows. They cry to communicate with you so believe in it and try to soothe them.
  • Breastfeeding – Breastfeeding has immense health benefits however it does more than just that. It is a way to connect with your child. When you feed your baby, you and your baby get to know each other faster and better.

Regularize your baby’s sleep clock

Your baby’s body needs to adjust to your sleep timings for a healthy development.

It is a fearless state that they must enjoy. For this, you need to develop a sleeping pattern that works for the entire family. Firstly, you need to decide where the baby would sleep? In the initial days, it is better to keep your baby close to you when sleeping.

So, during the early months, you can make the baby sleep in a crib in your room. You can also make him sleep on the same bed where you sleep so that he can be reassured in slumber. However, you may initially have to juggle between several sleeping arrangements before you can finally pick the best one for your baby. Try to bring regularity in the sleep timings of your baby as well.

Work on those taste buds

Nutrition and healthy foods work in pretty much the same manner with babies as they do with adults. While we adults consume nutritious foods to ensure that we stay in shape, babies need hem to ensure healthy development.

Assuring adequate early nutrition tends to have a lasting impact on the health of the child. So, what should you do to shape your baby’s taste buds?

Firstly, during the early years, you must breast feed the baby. Once your baby grows up, you can begin with table foods. However, you must pick purer food alternatives, which do not contain any trans fats, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, coloring agents, or high-fructose corn syrup. Feed your baby with nutritious alternatives such as salmon, avocados, blueberries, oats, eggs, beans, tofu, yogurt, and tomatoes.

Final Say

Parenting involves relentless love, support, care, and pampering. A crying baby is a direct indication of his needs. Those needs could be, care, affection, food, or a toy. You don’t have to regard it as a manipulation but rather understand the signs and offer what the baby really needs. Together, these steps will ensure that you raise a happy baby.

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