Hives In Babies/Infants - 6 Causes, 4 Symptoms & 4 Treatments You Should Be Aware Of

Hives In BabiesInfants

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As a mother you would get really anxious if you notice red bumps on the skin of your baby. We can understand being a parent how you feel, but there is nothing to worry as hives are curable.

One of the most common forms of skin conditions babies get is the appearance of clusters of red welts and lesions on the body, known as hives. A baby is more susceptible to this skin ailment, as his skin is very delicate.

In this article we give you a detailed view on what is hives and to deal with them.

What Is Hives?

Hives is a skin condition in which your baby might develop some red and itchy bumps or welts. The supple skin of your darling might look very inflamed and red due to the appearance of hives.

  • They are caused when an allergen or an irritant comes in contact with the body of your baby.
  • You need not progress into a panic mode as hives tends to disappear on their own most of the times just after a day or two and in some cases they go away in a few hours.
  • These red itchy bumps may at times have a pale center. They might appear across different parts of the body and can be in clusters of around 1 mm and at times the clusters can be or larger dimension as well.
  • As a natural reaction the body releases the hormone named histamine that causes the sensation of itching and inflammation of the skin.

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Causes Of Hives In Babies:

The common trigger for the hives is the physical contact or ingestion of an irritant or allergen that can cause the reaction on the skin. Some of the common causes and triggers of baby hives are:

1. Allergy towards some specific food items like nuts, milk, tomatoes, eggs, shellfish, fruits, etc.

2. Insect stings or bites.

3. Too much of sweating or perspiration of the skin.

4. Prolonged exposure to sun or to something very cold.

5. Too much scratching of the skin.

6. Reaction to a particular lotion or cream.

You need to remember that the skin of your baby is very delicate. At times you may notice that if your child is out in the hot sun for long then he or she may develop hives.

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Symptoms Of Hives In Babies:

The most common symptom of hives is the appearance of rash and clusters of red bumps and lesions on the skin of your baby.

1. In extreme cases, your baby might develop breathlessness and dizziness. You should seek immediate medical attention in such cases.

2. Another condition called angiodema occurs along with hives that causes inflammation and swelling of hands, feet, mouth, eyes or the genitals.

3. These hives often disappear within 24 hours. In case of dermographism, the hives develop in a linear fashion on account of scratching of the skin.

4. Itchiness and burning sensation on the red bumps is also a common symptom.

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Treatment Of Hives In Babies:

Commonly, hives disappear in a natural way. In order to make things more comfortable for your baby, you can give some cool shower and make him or her wear loose fitting clothes.

1. Doctors might prescribe a urine test, blood test and an X-ray in severe cases in order to fathom the cause or the trigger that caused this skin condition.

2. Once the cause is determined, you should ensure that your baby is kept away from it to. Ensure that there is no future breakout of hives.

3. Doctors might prescribe antihistamines to provide some relief from the discomfort caused due to hives.

4. Rarely doctors might prescribe oral medicines like corticosteroid or prednisone, if the hives do not subside with the administration of antihistamines.

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Therefore, do not panic in case your baby is suffering from hives as it can be cured very easily.

Do share your experience of being able to provide relief to your baby with hives so that other mothers can learn from your experience.

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