Horse Riding While Pregnant – Everything You Need To Know!

Horse Riding While Pregnant

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Have you always had a fascination for studs, and we mean the four legged ones, and want to continue the romance even while you are pregnant? Are you planning to continue horse riding during your pregnancy? Well, if you can relate to the above situations reading this post is a good idea.

If you love horses and want to continue riding them, read on to know whether it is safe to pursue horse riding while pregnant.

Is Horse Riding Safe During Pregnancy?

You may be a pro when it comes to horse riding, but when you are pregnant, even your experienced horse rider buddy or trainer will ask you to step down. Horse riding when pregnant is something that your doctor will never approve. The biggest reason for the negative remarks against horse riding during pregnancy is the chance of a fall that could be dangerous for you and your unborn baby.

You may feel extremely comfortable and happy while you are riding a horse, but the risks involved are too big for you to ignore them. Here are some of the most common risks that you could face if you want to continue horse riding while pregnant:

1. The Fear Of An Accident:

The chance of an accident is the biggest threat when you are riding a horse while pregnant.

  • You may be super comfortable and at ease with horse riding, and may never have had a fall or other related equine accident. However, the chances of an accident cannot be ruled out. Your horse may kick you in a state of fear or alarm, or you may just lose your balance, tip off and sustain serious injuries.
  • When you are pregnant, your body’s center of gravity shifts and you are at an increased risk of losing your balance and suffering a fall. Due to the many physical changes you undergo while expecting, riding a horse may not be the same experience it was earlier.

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2. You May Feel Uncomfortable:

It is likely a super uncomfortable experience, if you are horse riding during pregnancy.

  • Riding a horse when you are pregnant can be an uncomfortable experience in terms of the way you have to sit. With your back having no support while horse riding, your big baby bump could cause you discomfort and pain.
  • In many cases, if you are riding a horse while you are pregnant, it could make you nauseate or feel dizzy. Your body is going through a lot when you are pregnant, and the discomfort of riding a horse may be too much for your body to bear.

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3. The Constant Motion May Be Unsafe For Your Baby:

While you are riding a horse during your pregnancy, you are in constant motion.

  • During horse riding, you are in a constant up and down motion, known as jostling. The constant motion can cause potential harm to your baby.
  • Your unborn baby faces an increased risk of injury if any sudden and extreme bouncing movement occurs.

Horse riding is no doubt a lot of fun, and you may not want to refrain from it at all, but the risks it poses to your pregnancy are not worth the enjoyment.

Horse riding may have been your favorite way of exercising and relaxing till now. However, while you are pregnant, it is better to go for alternative forms of exercise that are considered safe and may help your body prepare for childbirth.

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Things To Remember:

Before you move on to exercise, here are a few tips you should always keep in mind:

  • While practicing prenatal yoga never lie down flat on your back. It is even more important to avoid this position once you cross the 16thweek of your pregnancy. As your pregnancy advances, your bump will start to grow and will apply more pressure on your blood vessels that bring blood back to your heart. Lying down on your back can cause dizziness.
  • Do not take part in any sport that involves contact, whether with a human being or with an object. It is important for you to stay away from such sports to avoid the chance of an accident or injury. Some specific contact sports that you should refrain from participating in are judo, kickboxing, karate, squash, tennis, etc.
  • Another popular sport that you have to avoid while expecting is scuba diving. Remember, while your baby is still in your womb, he will not have any protection against air embolism (which means the gas bubbles that will form in your bloodstream) and decompression sickness.
  • Avoid exercising in a place that is at a higher altitude than 2500 meters above sea level. Doing so will immediately place both your baby and you at the risk of suffering from altitude sickness. Once your body gets acclimatized to the environment, you may try a few basic exercises. In case you do not feel comfortable, stop doing any physical activity immediately and rest.
  • Never exert yourself while exercising. You may feel that by working out a little more you are doing good for your body and your unborn baby. In reality, it will only cause stress to both you and your baby. Avoid getting overexerted and exercise only till the time you feel comfortable.

Your pregnancy is a special time, and you have to learn to be careful at every step. Before you take up any form of exercise or sport, make sure you speak to your doctor about it.

Rein in your passion for the equestrian sport now and instead you should focus on the bliss of motherhood that is around the corner for you. You can get back to horse riding once your baby arrives safely in your arms.

Did you enjoy riding horses while pregnant? Please share your experience and advice with us.

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