How To Stop Your Baby’s Pacifier Habit?

Baby’s Pacifier Habit

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No parent likes to have a crying baby. And when nothing else works, the one magical object that seems to do the trick is a pacifier!

While it may initially give you peaceful moments, getting your baby used to a pacifier is something you should try and avoid. If you are trying to stop this habit, this article may be just the right read for you!

How To Stop Pacifier Habit In A Baby?

Giving up the pacifier can be quite difficult for your baby. But don’t worry as your baby will soon adjust to the new routine. Here are some tried and tested methods that can help your baby to stop using the pacifier:

1. Take It Away Before It Becomes A Habit:

One of the easiest ways to avoid all the crying and adjustment issues is by taking away the pacifier before your baby becomes habituated to it. As your baby grows, she will have a strong opinion and a more vocal way of showing it. Taking it away in the early few months will ensure your baby still does not depend on it. Soothe your baby in case she keeps crying.

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2. Be Firm:

There may be a lot of crying that can easily break your heart and make you want to give it back. But stay strong. Once you have decided to weaning baby off pacifier do not give it back again. This will only make it harder for your little one.

3. End It By The First Year:

Most pediatricians recommend stopping pacifier use in the first year. This is a good time to wean baby off pacifier as this is when your baby’s speech development is at its peak. This is the time when your baby will constantly try and speak new words. Being habituated to a pacifier may diminish speech development or the desire to try and talk.

4. Give It Some Time:

As with anything else, a pacifier is also an addiction, one that may have a lot of emotional attachment for your baby. Do not take it away suddenly. Instead, give your baby some time to adjust to the change. Take it away slowly and limit its use each day. Slowly your baby will learn to stay without using a pacifier.

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5. Choose A Time Of Day That Will Be Less Fussy:

While weaning off, ensure that you stop her only when she is less fussy. A good time may be when she is nicely fed and playful. Avoid taking away the pacifier during sleep time or when she is in a strange or new environment. This may only increase the dependency.

6. Learn To Distract:

Young babies have a very short attention span. A good idea is to introduce something new when you are taking away something. Each time you take away the pacifier, distract your baby with a new thing. It could be a new toy, a book, a quick walk, spotting a bird, or even letting your baby play with something as simple as safe kitchen utensils.

7. Increase The ‘No’ Time:

As you slowly introduce the concept of not using the pacifier, increase the number of times you refuse its use. The more you refuse to give it, the more your baby will start getting prepared to give it up completely.

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8. Take It Away Swiftly:

While taking away the pacifier, don’t think too long. Just take it and remove it. If you linger too much on whether you should take it away or not, your baby will soon detect your confusion. This could make it even more difficult.

9. Just Throw It Out:

If all else fails, take away all the pacifiers and remove them forever. Your baby will surely have a lot of trouble with this sudden change and there may be a lot of crying involved. Take a trip to a nearby park or a toy store. Let your baby choose a toy and make it the new sleep toy.

10. For Older Babies:

If your baby is a little older and understands verbal communication, discuss with her why a pacifier is not good. Tell her that she can now start behaving like a big girl. Giving up the pacifier will be a good way to start.

Hope you liked our post on how to stop pacifier habit in a baby. As a parent, you will know the best approach of bringing in this big change in your baby’s life. A pacifier addiction can be quite difficult to break but not impossible. You can always try out a few tricks to see what works best.

Do you have any special tips on how to wean baby off pacifier you would like to share? Please do share your ideas in the comments section below.

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