How To Teach Your Baby To Crawl And Exercise?

Teach Your Baby To Crawl And Exercise

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Is your baby now turning over her tummy by herself? Is she eager to move forward on her own? If you nodded along in excitement, then your little angel might be ready to crawl and move around by herself. How do you ensure that she crawls correctly? What are the benefits of crawling? Read our post here and how to teach your baby to crawl.

What Is Crawling?

Crawling is one of the basic baby activities that needs just a bit of encouragement and support. Some babies may crawl instinctively while some babies need help. Your baby’s crawling is crucial to her future performance. As a mom, you need to pay close attention to your baby’s development and encourage her to crawl.

Benefits Of Baby Crawling:

Crawling is an important step in a baby’s development. There are many benefits of crawling that help your baby’s overall development. Baby crawling benefits include:

  • Development of crucial motor skills in babies
  • Enhancement of visual skills
  • Crawling makes baby stronger
  • Baby learns the surroundings quickly by crawling
  • Crawling boosts baby’s physical abilities (1)

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How To Teach Your Baby To Crawl?

You need to invest just three to five minutes every day to teach your baby crawl. Following appropriate teaching techniques will help you how to teach a baby to crawl quickly.

Here are some appropriate steps for teaching baby to crawl as soon as possible.

1. Provide Baby An Inviting Environment:

Create a welcoming, pleasant space for your baby. Spread comfortable, soothing mattress on your carpet. If bright colors attract her, you can spread a funky mattress on the carpet. Once you develop welcoming environment, place your little angel on her tummy at the end of the mattress.

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2. Let Your Baby Take Her Time:

One of the best ways to know how to get your baby to crawl is letting your baby lie on her stomach for some time. As lying on her stomach helps her develop strong back muscles. Your baby will pull up herself and hold her knees to her instinctively.

3. Support Baby’s Elbows:

Gently hold your baby by her elbows. Draw both her elbows towards her body so that she lies on her elbows.

4. Get A Roller:

Get a roller to support her crawling. Place the roller under your baby’s upper body for good support. Make sure you get a small roller such that your baby’s elbows can reach the floor when she lies on the roller. Placing roller underneath her body helps her lift her head and look around.

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5. Help Your Baby Balance Her Body:

Sit right in front of your little one and help her to balance her body when she tries to pull herself up. Support her hands. Encourage her to place one palm forward and then other.

6. Support Your Baby’s Knees And Legs:

Once your baby gets on her palm, encourage her to get one knee forward. Support her knee with your hands and gently let her knee move forward. Slowly, support her other knee to move forward. Your baby will instinctively place her palms forward and complete one full crawling cycle.

7. Place Toys At The Corner Of Mattress:

Soon your baby will learn to crawl. Once she crawls on her own, place soft, attractive toys at the corner of the mattress and motivate her to crawl and grab them. Once your baby crawls and gets the toys, clap, hug her, and appreciate the gesture. (2)

Teaching Baby Exercises:

You can also teach your baby simple and easy exercises. Here are two common exercises that you can teach your dear little one.

1. Tug Up Exercise:

Clutch her forearms and slowly tug her into a sitting pose. Maintain her back upright when making her sit. Slowly and leisurely place her back on the ground. Repeat the exercise four times.

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2. Toe To Ear Exercise:

Make your baby sleep on her back. Then gradually maintaining her leg erect, bring her right toe near her left ear. Steer her toe back to the initial position. In the same manner, bring the left toe of your baby to right ear. Repeat the exercise five times.

Hope you liked our post on techniques on how to help baby crawl. Did you train your baby crawl or did she do it all by herself? Share your experience with fellow mommies here.

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