How To Teach Your Child To Tie Shoelaces?

Teach Your Child To Tie Shoelaces

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Does your child always struggle with tying the shoelaces? Is school time often a rushed hour, especially the last few minutes of tying the shoelaces? Have you tried teaching your child all about the knot but nothing seems to work?

If your child is unable to tie the shoelaces despite your best efforts, we can still help. Read on to know some simple instructions that will help know how to teach your child to tie shoelaces perfectly.

Tips On How To Teach Kids To Tie Shoes:

Before you start teaching child to tie shoelaces, try and keep the following points in mind:

Tying the shoelaces requires some amount of finger movement that is visible in children aged five to seven. If your child is less than five years of age, it may still be some time before you need to teach him about tying the shoelace.

Make sure you use soft shoelaces. It will help if you color one shoelace to differentiate between the two shoelaces.

Make sure you sit next to your child and not across or in front. Being on the same side as your child will give your child a better perspective of how you are doing it. It will help your child copy your movements better. It will also help you see what your child is doing and where he is going wrong.

You can place a shoe with open shoelaces on your knees, instead of wearing one. It will make it easier for your child to follow rather than having to bend and check.

Ask your child to hold the shoelace tip. Ask them to follow your actions exactly the way you are doing. Make sure you do all the steps that you tell your child to follow.

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Simple Steps On How To Teach Your Child To Tie Shoelaces:

Here are a few different styles through which you can teach your child to tie shoelaces:

1. The Magic Fingers Style:

Cross both the shoelaces to tie a simple knot.

With your right hand – put the thumb and the first finger in front of the shoelace. The fingers should be facing toward you.

With your left hand – put the thumb and the first finger behind the shoelace. The fingers should be facing away from you.

Make sure that you grip the laces tightly even with your baby finger.

Now pull the laces forward until you feel some tension. Twist them a little so that the fingers of both your hands are facing each other.

Pinch the shoelaces between your opposite fingers and pull them.

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2. The Easy Bunny Ears Method:

Cross the laces to form an ‘X’ in the air. Take the bottom lace of the X and wrap it over and through the top lace. Pull it tight to form the base of the shoelace bow.

Fold the ends of both the shoelaces to form two bunny ears. Make sure you use your thumb and pointy finger to hold the ears in place.

Cross the bunny ears to form an ‘X’ in the air.

Wrap the bottom bunny ear over and through the bunny ear that is on the top to make a second knot.

Pull them towards the side and away from the shoe. You will now have a square knot that is sturdy.

3. Tying The Shoelaces Like An Expert:

Make an ‘X’ in the air with the shoelaces. Take the top lace and drop it through the bottom of the X. Pull the laces tightly and make a loop with each lace.

Cross the loops in opposite ways now.

Bend one loop over the other. Put the bent shoelace in the hole.

Learn to be patient while teaching your child to tie shoes. Going for Velcro straps may seem tempting, but there’s nothing as awesome as learning to tie your shoelaces.

Does your child know how to tie shoelaces? What method did you use? Do share your tips with other moms here!

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