6 Important Bedtime Routines For Your Baby

bedtime routines for babies

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Like all new moms you would have researched through ways to help your baby have a peaceful sleep. Of course, watching your baby sleep peacefully is very reassuring. It a sign that your baby is healthy and is growing normally, as sleep is imperative for proper growth.

The main mantra for your baby to have a peaceful sleep is that he or she should be comfortable and relaxed. And yes, who else but you can play a major role in ensuring that your baby is relaxed so that he or she sinks into a peaceful slumber? Thus, establishing a bedtime routine for baby plays a vital role in helping to be comfortable and relaxed.

6 Important Bedtime Routines For Babies:

You would have already heard a lot about different styles of bedtime routines from experienced parents and older relatives. However, there are a few steps that you can try in order to develop an effective and best bedtime routine for babies.

  • Again, you must take into account that each baby is different, so some things might work wonders for your baby in comparison to some other baby.
  • You need to make the choice of the bedtime routine in accordance to the preference of your baby.

Here are some ways that can help:

1. A Soothing Bath:

Nothing can be more relaxing for a baby then a nice warm bath just before sleep.

  • It will help your baby feel fresh as all the dirt and grime of the day will be washed away and that will comfort her.
  • In case, your baby gets over excited after bath then you might just want to do a sponge bath for your baby.

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2. A Gentle Massage:

This is one of the appropriate occasions for you to enhance your bond with your baby.

3. A Story Time:

You can never go wrong with reading out a story to your little one.

  • Though your baby might not understand everything that you read, however, he or she will like the sing song tone in which you read and will fall asleep listening to it.
  • Reading also sows the seeds of developing good language skills that will help your baby develop a good vocabulary.
  • Bedtime stories are definitely a good habit to develop.

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4. Sing A Song Or A Rhyme:

Nothing is more pleasurable and soothing to your baby’s ears than your voice.

  • Oh no, you don’t have to be a trained singer to sing to your baby!
  • Just sing or hum a lullaby or your favourite song and watch your baby smile and sleep while you sing.

5. Play Some Nice Soft Music:

Playing some nice and soothing music will ease your baby in case he or she feels anxious. Your baby will also develop an ear for music.

  • Your baby will sleep peacefully once he or she feels relaxed after listening to the music, as it will have a calming effect.
  • Do not put the music too loud or do not choose a peppy number to play as that might get your baby over excited, which is contrary to what you are trying to do, that is, to help your baby sleep.

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6. Follow The Ritual of “Goodnight Moon”:

Babies enjoy being carried around the house or the room while you help them bid “Goodnight” to their favorite people, toys, things, etc.

A daily practice of this ritual will make your baby understand that it’s time for him or her to retire to bed.

Hope you will surely practice these above mentioned sample bedtime routines for babies. Also, let us know your experience of putting your baby to sleep. We would love to hear from you about your own little bedtime stories.

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