Is It Okay To Spank Toddlers?

Is It Okay To Spank Toddlers

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Is your toddler misbehaving of late? Do you resort to spanking to inculcate good behavior in your toddler? Well, if you can relate to the above situations reading this post is a must!

Spanking includes any physical contact that involves striking a child who is acting inappropriately.

For decades, experts have denounced spanking as dangerous and ineffective. Most of the parents resort to spanking as a quick way of dealing with an unruly toddler. So why is there a huge disconnect between what the experts advise and what parents do? Is it ok to spank toddler? To put it simply, it is not. Spanking can have serious negative impact on your toddler. Want to know more? Go ahead and give this post a read!

Negative Effects Of Spanking Toddler:

Some of the negative effects of spanking include the following:

1. Creates Difference:

Spanking toddler creates a rift between the children and their parents. It teaches a child to fear his parents and even to disrespect them. It hinders effective communication. It also undermines the trust children have in their parents. Children are more likely to step back from the relationship once you start hitting them.

2. Teaches Violence To Children:

Toddler Spanking teaches children that violence is an acceptable way to deal with conflict. Children who receive regular spanking from their parents are more likely to exhibit violent behavior later in life. They can use physical force against their peers and children. It also increases the chances of delinquent behavior in children.

3. Injury:

Deliberately instilling pain on your child is downright cruelty, even if you think it is for his good. Spanking in a fit of anger can cause serious injury. A blow to the spinal column can send shock waves along the length of the spine. Some parents also reach out for a brush or belt for spanking their children without realizing that it can even prove fatal for the delicate toddlers.

4. Ineffective:

Spanking does not work for toddlers. Instead of promoting good behavior, it merely teaches a child what will earn him a spanking and what won’t. Spanking does nothing to promote internal decision-making so that the child can avert his parent’s ire in future.

5. Promotes Anger:

Spanking is a vicious cycle that promotes anger in toddlers. They are more likely to rebel against corporal punishment than any other disciplinary technique. They would deliberately repeat the same mistakes and invite more violence from the parents.

6. Bitter Memories:

Spanking can scar the otherwise joyful scenes of childhood. It is a tendency among human beings to recall the traumatic events rather than the pleasant ones. As a parent, your aim should be to fill your child’s memory bank with pleasant scenes. The unpleasant memories of spanking can block the positive memories.

7. Emotionally Harmful:

Spanking can take a toll on a child’s emotional well-being. It makes a child feel that there is something wrong with him and not with his behavior. It creates a sense of resentment and can even lead to self-image problems in the future. It also warps his understanding of how to interact with others.

To conclude, spanking is just a temporary solution. It makes the children focus on their punishment rather than on their unacceptable behavior.

Treat your child with love and gentleness. It is the only effective way to inculcate good behavior based on strong values. So quit spanking and create a more congenial environment at home to build a healthy relationship with your children.

How do you handle the unruly behavior of your children? Please share your tips and advice with other moms here.

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